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The role of the strong conical hull intersection property in convex optimization and approximation. (English) Zbl 0929.49009

Chui, Charles K. (ed.) et al., Approximation theory IX. Volume 1. Theoretical aspects. Proceedings of the 9th international conference, Nashville, TN, USA, January 3–6, 1998. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press. Innovations in Applied Mathematics. 105-112 (1998).
MSC:  49K27 41A50

The convexity of Chebyshev sets in Hilbert space. (English) Zbl 0859.41027

Rassias, Th. M. (ed.) et al., Topics in polynomials of one and several variables and their applications. Volume dedicated to the memory of P. L. Chebyshev (1821-1894). Singapore: World Scientific. 143-150 (1993).
MSC:  41A65 41-02 46C05

Helly extensions and best approximation. (English) Zbl 0843.41019

Guddat, Jürgen (ed.) et al., Parametric optimization and related topics. III. Proceedings of the 3rd conference held in Güstrow, Germany, August 30 - September 5, 1991. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Verlag. Approximation Optimization. 3, 107-120 (1993).
MSC:  41A50

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