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Some two-step methods for the determination of boundaries of the spectrum of a linear matrix pencil. (O nekotorykh dvukhstupenchatykh metodakh nakhozhdeniya granits spektra linejnogo puchka matrits.) (Russian) Zbl 0706.65036

Preprint, Institut Atomnoj Ehnergii Im I. V. Kurchatova, IAEh-3749/16. Moskva: Institut Atomnoj Ehnergii Im. I. V. Kurchatova. 28 p. R. 0.25 (1983).
MSC:  65F15 15A22 15A18

Application of Chebyshev-Laguerre polynomials to the study of the interaction of a thick-walled elastic sphere with an acoustic medium. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0551.73051

Sov. Appl. Mech. 19, 112-117 (1983); translation from Prikl. Mekh. 19, No. 2, 21-27 (1983).
MSC:  74F10 42C10
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