Programming languages with applications to biology and security. Essays dedicated to Pierpaolo Degano on the occasion of his 65th birthday. (English) Zbl 1325.68011

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9465. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-25526-2/pbk; 978-3-319-25527-9/ebook). xii, 375 p. (2015).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually.
Indexed articles:
Bodei, Chiara; Ferrari, Gian-Luigi; Priami, Corrado, Pierpaolo Degano, 1-6 [Zbl 1434.68011]
Massai, Marco Maria, Pierpaolo, a great friend, 7-9 [Zbl 1434.68012]
Abadi, Martín; Burrows, Mike; Pucha, Himabindu; Sadovsky, Adam; Shankar, Asim; Taly, Ankur, Distributed authorization with distributed grammars, 10-26 [Zbl 1434.68044]
Bruni, Roberto; Montanari, Ugo; Sammartino, Matteo, Causal trees, finally, 27-43 [Zbl 1434.68323]
Riis Nielson, Hanne; Nielson, Flemming; Li, Ximeng, Hoare logic for disjunctive information flow, 47-65 [Zbl 1434.68095]
Almousa, Omar; Mödersheim, Sebastian; Viganò, Luca, Alice and Bob: reconciling formal models and implementation, 66-85 [Zbl 1434.68294]
Baldan, Paolo; Bonchi, Filippo; Gadducci, Fabio; Monreale, Giacoma V., Asynchronous traces and open Petri nets, 86-102 [Zbl 1434.68320]
Bartoletti, Massimo; Cimoli, Tiziana; Zunino, Roberto, Compliance in behavioural contracts: a brief survey, 103-121 [Zbl 1434.68045]
Basile, Davide; Galletta, Letterio; Mezzetti, Gianluca, Safe adaptation through implicit effect coercion, 122-141 [Zbl 1434.68061]
Bigi, Giancarlo; Bracciali, Andrea; Meacci, Giovanni; Tuosto, Emilio, Validation of decentralised smart contracts through game theory and formal methods, 142-161 [Zbl 1434.68043]
Bodei, Chiara; Brodo, Linda; Focardi, Riccardo, Static evidences for attack reconstruction, 162-182 [Zbl 1437.94051]
Chiarugi, Davide; Falaschi, Moreno; Olarte, Carlos; Palamidessi, Catuscia, A declarative view of signaling pathways, 183-201 [Zbl 1443.92092]
De Nicola, Rocco; Mezzina, Claudio Antares; Vieira, Hugo Torres, Global protocol implementations via attribute-based communication, 219-237 [Zbl 1434.68103]
Escobar, Santiago; Meadows, Catherine; Meseguer, José; Santiago, Sonia, Symbolic protocol analysis with disequality constraints modulo equational theories, 238-261 [Zbl 1437.94060]
Gorrieri, Roberto, Language representability of finite P/T nets, 262-282 [Zbl 1434.68325]
Martinelli, Fabio; Matteucci, Ilaria; Santini, Francesco, There are two sides to every question. Controller versus attacker, 304-318 [Zbl 1434.68332]
Thomsen, Bent; Luckow, Kasper Søe; Leth, Lone; Bøgholm, Thomas, From safety critical Java programs to timed process models, 319-338 [Zbl 1434.68116]
Zavattaro, Gianluigi, When to move to transfer nets. On the limits of Petri nets as models for process calculi, 339-353 [Zbl 1434.68335]


68-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to computer science
68M12 Network protocols
68N15 Theory of programming languages
68N30 Mathematical aspects of software engineering (specification, verification, metrics, requirements, etc.)
68Q55 Semantics in the theory of computing
68Q85 Models and methods for concurrent and distributed computing (process algebras, bisimulation, transition nets, etc.)
92C42 Systems biology, networks
94A60 Cryptography
94A62 Authentication, digital signatures and secret sharing
00B30 Festschriften

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