A mathematician out of his time: Ventura Reyes Prosper. (English) Zbl 0883.01027

The paper aims at including Ventura Reyes Prosper (1863-1922) into the row of Spanish mathematicians who introduced modern mathematical ideas in Spain. After sketching his career the author hints at Reyes Prosper’s contributions to his two main fields of research: symbolic logic and non-Euclidean geometry. In logic Reyes Prosper was above all concerned with surveys of the main conceptions of the mathematical logic of his time. On this topic he published seven papers in El progreso matĂ©matico between 1891 and 1894 which were intended as steps towards a comprehensive history of symbolic logic which, if it ever had been completed, would have been the first of its kind. A list of works of Reyes Prosper is enclosed with this paper.


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Reyes Prosper, V.
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