Effect of rotation and relaxation times on plane waves in generalized thermo-visco-elasticity. (English) Zbl 0997.74033

The generalised thermoelasticity in which the time rate of temperature field is incorporated into constitutive variables by assuming more general constitutive relations, especially for entropy flux and entropy production, is applied to the investigation of the propagation of plane waves in an infinite rotating linear thermoviscoelastic material. The inertial effects are taken into account as centrifugal and Coriolis forces. Since the field equations are linear with constant coefficients, assuming that a solution in the form of plane wave exists, it is a simple matter to derive the dispersion relation which connects the frequency and the complex wave number of the wave. The solution of the dispersion equation is obtained approximately for a weak coupling between thermal and mechanical fields. However, even this approximate analysis proves to be sufficient in revealing various types of waves which may be sustained by the material.


74J05 Linear waves in solid mechanics
74F05 Thermal effects in solid mechanics
74D05 Linear constitutive equations for materials with memory
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