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Problems of modern mathematical physics. Collection of papers. On the 90th anniversary of Academician Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov. (Problemy sovremennoj matematicheskoj fiziki. Sbornik statej. K 90-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya akademika Nikolaya Nikolaevicha Bogolyubova.) (Russian, English) Zbl 0952.00070

Trudy Matematicheskogo Instituta Imeni V. A. Steklova. 228. Moskva: Nauka. Moskva: MAIK Nauka/Interperiodika. 319 p. (2000).

On N. N. Bogolyubov’s works in classical and quantum statistical mechanics. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0806.01013

Ukr. Math. J. 45, No. 2, 171-214 (1993); translation from Ukr. Mat. Zh. 45, No. 2, 155-201 (1993).
Reviewer: H.Grimm (Jena)
Full Text: DOI

Solitions and applications. Papers from the 4th international workshop dedicated to N. N. Bogolubov on his 80th birthday, Dubna, Russia, August 25–27, 1989 and the All-Union seminar on solitons on nonintegrable systems, Dubna, Russia, September 1989. (English) Zbl 0947.58505

Singapore: World Scientific. xvi, 436 p. (1990).
MSC:  58-06 35-06 00B25

Selected topics in statistical mechanics. Proceedings of the 5th international symposium dedicated to N. N. Bogolubov on the occasion of his 80th birthday, Dubna, USSR, August 22–24, 1989. (English) Zbl 0949.82502

Teaneck, NJ: World Scientific Publishing. xx, 534 p. (1990).
MSC:  82-06 00B25

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