Topological and geometric methods of analysis. (Топологические и геометрические методы анализа.) (Russian) Zbl 1103.00314

Novoe v Global’nom Analize. Voronezh: Izdatel’stvo Voronezhskogo Universiteta (ISBN 5-7455-0125-1). 176 p. (1989).
Contents: V. M. Tikhomirov, A. N. Kolmogorov and the development of mathematics (3–11, 170); D. V. Alekseevskiĭand B. A. Putko, Completeness of left-invariant metrics on Lie groups (12–28, 170); Ya. I. Belopol’skaya, Parabolic equations in principal and associated bundles (29–42, 170); Yu. G. Borisovich and M. I. Shpil’berg, Relative topological characteristics of mappings (43–57, 170); A. M. Vershik, Topological questions in combinatorial and convex geometry and the theory of representations of partially ordered sets (58–74, 171); Yu. M. Vorob’ev and M. V. Karasëv, Deformation and cohomology of Poisson brackets (75–89, 171); B. D. Gel’man, Some problems in the theory of fixed points of multivalued mappings (90–105, 171); M. G. Zaĭdenberg, Holomorphic rigidity of polynomial polyhedra, and quasihomogeneity (106–121, 171–172); Le Khong Van, Relative gauges and the problem of the stability of minimal surfaces (122–136, 172); A. L. Berezovskiĭ, Closedness of a first-order rational differential form (137–138, 172); A. Yu. Borisovich, The Lyapunov-Schmidt method and types of singularities of the critical points of the key functions in a problem on the bifurcation of minimal surfaces. II (138–141, 172); O. A. Granichina, Geodesics of a nonholonomic Finsler metric on the Heisenberg group (141–146, 172–173); V. P. Golubyatnikov and G. I. Smirnov, Integral submanifolds of Thom spaces (146–152, 173); V. G. Zvyagin, The structure of the solution set of a nonlinear elliptic boundary value problem under fixed boundary conditions (152–158, 173); R. B. Stekol’shchik, Perfect, invariant, \(\phi\)-holomorphic and admissible structural polynomials in a modular structure that is generated by the partially ordered set \(2+2+2\) (158–169, 173–174).
The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually together with the English translation volume “Global Analysis - studies and applications IV, Lect. Notes Math 1453 (1990); translation from Nov. Global’nom Anal. 1989 (1989)”.


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