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Proceeding of the 23rd international meeting on probabilistic, combinatorial, and asymptotic methods in the analysis of algorithms (AofA’12), Montreal, Canada, June 18–22, 2012. (English) Zbl 1257.00015

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the 21st conference see [Zbl 1198.00020].
Indexed articles:
Choi, Yongwook; Knessl, Charles; Szpankowski, Wojciech, A new binomial recurrence arising in a graphical compression algorithm, 1-12, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05005]
Fuchs, Michael; Lee, Chung-Kuei; Prodinger, Helmut, Approximate counting via the Poisson-Laplace-Mellin method, 13-28, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68206]
Kuba, Markus; Panholzer, Alois, On death processes and urn models, 29-42, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60013]
Féray, Valentin, Asymptotic behavior of some statistics in Ewens random permutations, 43-54, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05003]
Kieffer, John C., Asymptotics of divide-and-conquer recurrences via iterated function systems, 55-66, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68036]
Wagner, Stephan, Additive tree functionals with small toll functions and subtrees of random trees, 67-80, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68209]
Eisner, Idan; Vainshtein, Alek, Domination analysis for scheduling on non preemptive uniformly related machines, 81-82, electronic only [Zbl 1296.90042]
Bodini, Olivier; Genitrini, Antoine; Peschanski, Frédéric, Enumeration and random generation of concurrent computations, 83-96, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68101]
Manstavičius, Eugenijus, On total variation approximations for random assemblies, 97-108, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60014]
Fayolle, Guy; Raschel, Kilian, Some exact asymptotics in the counting of walks in the quarter plane, 109-124, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60111]
Darrasse, Alexis; Panagiotou, Konstantinos; Roussel, Olivier; Soria, Michèle, Biased Boltzmann samplers and generation of extended linear languages with shuffle, 125-140, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68205]
Gittenberger, Bernhard; Kraus, Veronika, On the number of transversals in random trees, 141-154, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05175]
Bassino, Frédérique; Nicaud, Cyril; Weil, Pascal, Generic properties of random subgroups of a free group for general distributions., 155-166, electronic only [Zbl 1296.20066]
Schymura, Daria, Matching solid shapes in arbitrary dimension via random sampling, 167-178, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68180]
Cichoń, Jacek; Gołȩbiewski, Zbigniew, On Bernoulli sums and Bernstein polynomials, 179-190, electronic only [Zbl 1296.94054]
Chauvin, Brigitte; Liu, Quansheng; Pouyanne, Nicolas, Support and density of the limit \(m\)-ary search trees distribution, 191-200, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68031]
Bontemps, Dominique; Boucheron, Stéphane; Gassiat, Elisabeth, Adaptive compression against a countable alphabet, 201-218, electronic only [Zbl 1296.94061]
Morcrette, Basile; Mahmoud, Hosam M., Exactly solvable balanced tenable urns with random entries via the analytic methodology, 219-232, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60015]
Bender, Edward A.; Canfield, E. Rodney; Gao, Zhicheng, Locally restricted compositions. IV: Nearly free large parts and gap-freeness, 233-242, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05006]
du Boisberranger, Jérémie; Gardy, Danièle; Ponty, Yann, The weighted words collector, 243-264, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05010]
Ralaivaosaona, Dimbinaina, A phase transition in the distribution of the length of integer partitions, 265-282, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05011]
Vallée, Brigitte, The Euclid algorithm is “totally” Gaussian, 283-302, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68208]
Jacquet, Philippe; Szpankowski, Wojciech, Joint string complexity for Markov sources, 303-322, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68118]
Helmi, Ahmed; Lumbroso, Jérémie; Martínez, Conrado; Viola, Alfredo, Data streams as random permutations: the distinct element problem, 323-338, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68190]
Bindjeme, Patrick; Fill, James Allen, Exact \(L^2\)-distance from the limit for QuickSort key comparisons (extended abstract)., 339-348, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68039]
Bindjeme, Patrick; Fill, James Allen, The limiting distribution for the number of symbol comparisons used by QuickSort is nondegenerate (extended abstract)., 349-360, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68040]
Baryshnikov, Yu.; Hickok, L.; Orlow, N.; Son, S., Stokes polyhedra for X-shaped polyminos, 361-364, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05047]
Fricker, Christine; Gast, Nicolas; Mohamed, Hanene, Mean field analysis for inhomogeneous bike sharing systems, 365-376, electronic only [Zbl 1296.90019]
Gołȩbiewski, Zbigniew; Zagórski, Filip, On greedy trie execution, 377-380, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68207]
Gaither, Jeffrey; Homma, Yushi; Sellke, Mark; Ward, Mark Daniel, On the number of 2-protected nodes in tries and suffix trees, 381-398, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68034]
Heigl, Florian; Heuberger, Clemens, Analysis of digital expansions of minimal weight, 399-411, electronic only [Zbl 1296.11005]
Miracle, Sarah; Randall, Dana; Streib, Amanda Pascoe; Tetali, Prasad, Mixing times of Markov chains on 3-orientations of planar triangulations, 413-424, electronic only [Zbl 1296.05057]
Lhote, Loïck; Lladser, Manuel E., Toward the asymptotic count of bi-modular hidden patterns under probabilistic dynamical sources: a case study, 425-452, electronic only [Zbl 1296.68104]
Drmota, Michael; Gittenberger, Bernhard; Morgenbesser, Johannes F., Infinite systems of functional equations and Gaussian limiting distributions, 453-478, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60011]
Janson, Svante, Simply generated trees, conditioned Galton-Watson trees, random allocations and condensation (extended abstract), 479-490, electronic only [Zbl 1296.60234]

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