Closed form solutions for an anisotropic composite beam on a two-parameter elastic foundation. (English) Zbl 1475.74077

Summary: Beams resting on elastic foundations are widely used in engineering design such as railroad tracks, pipelines, bridge decks, and automobile frames. Laminated composite beams can be tailored for specific design requirements and offer a desirable design framework for beams resting on elastic foundations. Therefore, the analysis of flexural behaviour of laminated composite beams on elastic foundations is of important consequence. Exact solutions for flexural deflection of composite beams with coupling terms between stretching, shearing, bending and twisting, resting on two-parameter elastic foundations for various types of loading and boundary conditions, are presented for the first time. The proposed new formulation is based on Euler-Bernoulli beam theory having four degrees of freedom, namely bending in two principal directions, axial elongation and twist. Governing equations and boundary conditions are derived from the principle of virtual work and expressed in a compact matrix-vector form. By decoupling bending in both principal directions from twist and axial elongation, the fourth-order differential equation for bending is derived and transformed into a system of first-order differential equations. An exact solution of this system of equations is obtained using a fundamental matrix approach. Fundamental matrices for different configurations of elastic foundation are provided. The ability of the presented mathematical model in predicting flexural behaviour of beams on elastic foundations is verified numerically by comparison with results available in the literature. In addition, the deflection of anisotropic beams is analysed for different types of stacking sequences, boundary and loading conditions. The effect of elastic foundation coefficients on the flexural behaviour is also investigated and discussed.


74K10 Rods (beams, columns, shafts, arches, rings, etc.)
74G05 Explicit solutions of equilibrium problems in solid mechanics
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