Between art and science: Piero della Francesca. Papers from the international meeting, Arezzo, Italy, October 8–11 and Sansepolcro, Italy, October 12, 1992. (Piero della Francesca tra arte e scienza.) (Italian) Zbl 0961.01007

Venice: Marsilio Editori. 611 p. (1996).
The 38 papers in this collection include the following, which will not be reviewed individually: Enrico Gamba and Vico Montebelli, Geometry in the Treatise on the abacus and the Libellus de quinque corporibus regularibus of Piero della Francesca: a critical comparison (Italian) (253-268); Carlo Maccagni, Culture and technical knowledge in the Renaissance (Italian) (279-292); Menso Folkerts, Piero della Francesca and Euclid (293-312); Enrico Giusti, Medieval sources of Piero della Francesca’s Algebra (Italian) (313-329); J. V. Field, Piero della Francesca as practical mathematician: the painter as teacher (331-354); Margaret Daly Davis, Luca Pacioli, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci: between “proportionality” and “perspective” in the Divina proportione (Italian) (355-362); Kirsti Andersen, Piero’s place in the history of descriptive geometry (363-373); Hubert Damisch, Du tableau comme “terme” [The painting as a boundary marker] (375-383); Geoffrey Smedley, Reason and analogy. A reading of the diagrams: Piero della Francesca, Plato, Ptolemy and others (385-406); Kim Veltman, Piero della Francesca and the two methods of Renaissance perspective (407-419).


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