Nonstationary processes of convective diffusion mass transfer in binary regular structures. (Ukrainian. English summary) Zbl 1289.76088

Summary: Having analyzed the nonstationary processes of admixture transfer in two-phase regular structures with allowance for a periodical character of convective phenomena, we propose a method of constructing exact analytic solutions for such class of problems. This technique is based on the usage of particular integral transformations separately in the contacting regions. The relation between the corresponding integral transformations is obtained from the nonideal contact conditions formulated for the function of concentration. We have obtained the analytic solution of the nonstationary diffusion problem for a two-phase layer of a regular structure with convective mass transfer mechanism in one of the phases. The expressions describing admixture flow through the interface are derived and investigated. The concentration of mortaring particles in the structural body elements and admixture flow through the body interface is analyzed.


76R50 Diffusion