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Representations of positive definite Hermitian forms with approximation and primitive properties. (English) Zbl 0797.11040
Let \(M\) be a positive definite Hermitian lattice of rank \(m \geq 2n+1\) and \(T\) be a finite set of primes containing the prime divisors of 2 vol \((M)\). If \(N\) is a Hermitian lattice of rank \(n\) which is locally representable by \(M\) and \(\min (N)\) is sufficiently large, then there exists a global representation \(f:N \to M\) such that \(f\) approximates the given local representation at \(T\) and \(f(N_ p)\) is primitive in \(M_ p\) for all primes \(p \not \in T \cup \{q\}\) where \(q\) is any fixed prime not in \(T\). The proof parallels the arithmetic arguments for quadratic forms in J. S. Hsia, Y. Kitaoha and M. Kneser [J. Reine Angew. Math. 301, 132-141 (1978; Zbl 0374.10013)], with some refinements from a recent paper of M. Jöchner and Y. Kitaoka [“Representations of positive definite quadratic forms with congruence and primitive conditions”, J. Number Theory (1994)].

11E39 Bilinear and Hermitian forms
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