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Integral quadratic forms and lattices. Proceedings of the international conference on integral quadratic forms and lattices, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, June 15–19, 1998. Dedicated to the memory of Dennis Ray Estes. (English) Zbl 0931.00029
Contemporary Mathematics. 249. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). ix, 302 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Hsia, J. S., Arithmetic of indefinite quadratic forms, 1-15 [Zbl 0992.11032]
Earnest, A. G., Universal and regular positive quadratic lattices over totally real number fields, 17-27 [Zbl 0955.11008]
Chan, Wai Kiu, Class numbers of quaternary quadratic forms of discriminant \(4p\), 29-41 [Zbl 0973.11049]
Khosravani, Azar, Universal quadratic and Hermitian forms, 43-49 [Zbl 0952.11006]
Kim, Byeong Moon; Kim, Myung-Hwan; Oh, Byeong-Kweon, 2-universal positive definite integral quinary quadratic forms, 51-62 [Zbl 0955.11011]
Kitaoka, Yoshiyuki, Finite arithmetic subgroups of \(\text{GL}_n\). VI, 63-71 [Zbl 1044.11572]
Jöchner, M., On the representation theory of positive definite quadratic forms, 73-86 [Zbl 0957.11017]
Shioda, Tetsuji, Cyclotomic analogue in the theory of algebraic equations of type \(E_6\), \(E_7\), \(E_8\), 87-96 [Zbl 0955.11016]
Pham Huu Tiep, Globally irreducible lattices, 97-111 [Zbl 0955.11020]
Gross, Benedict H., On simply-connected groups over \(\mathbb{Z}\), with \(G(\mathbb{R})\) compact, 113-118 [Zbl 0969.20023]
Calame, Philippe; Mischler, Maurice, \(F\)-lattices and genus of Hermitian forms, 119-127 [Zbl 0955.11012]
James, Donald G., Primitive local densities for unimodular quadratic forms, 129-134 [Zbl 0955.11007]
Hironaka, Yumiko, Local densities of Hermitian forms, 135-148 [Zbl 0951.11015]
Estes, Dennis R.; Moon, Kyunghee, Form class groups over number fields, 149-174 [Zbl 1002.11085]
Xu, Fei, Arithmetic Springer theorem on quadratic forms under field extensions of odd degree, 175-197 [Zbl 0955.11010]
Bergé, Anne-Marie, Classification of positive forms having prescribed automorphisms, 199-204 [Zbl 0951.11024]
Nebe, Gabriele, Construction and investigation of lattices with matrix groups, 205-219 [Zbl 0970.11025]
Scharlau, Rudolf; Schiemann, Alexander; Schulze-Pillot, Rainer, Theta series of modular, extremal, and Hermitian lattices, 221-233 [Zbl 0983.11018]
Katsurada, Hidenori, Squared Möbius function for half-integral matrices, 235-248 [Zbl 0957.11018]
Dummigan, Neil, Theta series congruences, 249-252 [Zbl 0955.11021]
Hisasue, Masaki, On a denominator of a certain formal power series attached to local densities, 253-259 [Zbl 1001.11016]
Hashimoto, Ki-ichiro, Linear relations of theta series attached to Eichler orders of quaternion algebras, 261-302 [Zbl 0955.11009]
00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
11-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to number theory
11Exx Forms and linear algebraic groups
11Hxx Geometry of numbers
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Estes, Dennis Ray
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