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Even positive definite unimodular quadratic forms over real quadratic fields. (English) Zbl 0708.11023
The Siegel mass formula for positive definite, even unimodular lattices over the ring of integers in a real quadratic field is stated, and the classification of such lattices of low rank is discussed for \({\mathbb{Q}}(\sqrt{5})\) and \({\mathbb{Q}}(\sqrt{2})\). The author and D. C. Hung have completed the classification for rank 8 over \({\mathbb{Q}}(\sqrt{2})\) in a later paper [Math. Ann. 283, 367-374 (1989; Zbl 0643.10013)].
Reviewer: H.G.Quebbemann

11E12 Quadratic forms over global rings and fields
11E41 Class numbers of quadratic and Hermitian forms
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