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Signal processing for image enhancement and multimedia processing. Best papers presented at the international conference on signal-image technology & internet-based systems (SITIS 2006), Hammamet, Tunisia, December 17–21, 2006. (English) Zbl 1130.94003
Multimedia Systems and Applications Series (MMSA) 31. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-0-387-72499-7/hbk). xvi, 337 p. (2008).

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Indexed articles:
Dugnol, Benjamín; Fernández, Carlos; Galiano, Gonzalo; Velasco, Julián, On PDE-based spectrogram image restoration. Application to wolf chorus noise reduction and comparison with other algorithms, 3-12 [Zbl 1147.94303]
Drira, Fadoua; Lebourgois, Frank; Emptoz, Hubert, A modified mean shift algorithm for efficient document image restoration, 13-25 [Zbl 1147.94302]
Laroussi, Toufik; Barkat, Mourad, An efficient closed form approach to the evaluation of the probability of false alarm of the ML-CFAR detector in a pulse-to-pulse correlated clutter, 27-36 [Zbl 1147.94006]
Bensebaa, Kamel; Banon, Gerald J. F.; Fonseca, Leila M. G.; Erthal, Guaraci J., On-orbit spatial resolution estimation of CBERS-2 imaging system using ideal edge target, 37-48 [Zbl 1162.68781]
Messali, Zoubeida; Soltani, Faouzi, Distributed pre-processed CA-CFAR detection structure for non Gaussian clutter reduction, 49-57 [Zbl 1147.94007]
Journaux, Ludovic; Foucherot, Irène; Gouton, Pierre, Multispectral satellite images processing through dimensionality reduction, 59-66 [Zbl 1186.68524]
Dong, Ruchan; Hou, Biao; Wang, Shuang; Jiao, Licheng, SAR image compression based on wedgelet-wavelet, 67-75 [Zbl 1229.94008]
Tankam, Narcisse Talla; Dipanda, Albert; Tonye, Emmanuel, New approach of higher order textural parameters for image classification using statistical methods, 79-94 [Zbl 1147.94005]
Chalumeau, Thomas; Da F. Costa, Luciano; Laligant, Olivier; Meriaudeau, Fabrice, Texture discrimination using hierarchical complex networks, 95-102 [Zbl 1169.68589]
Mikulastik, Patrick; Höver, Raphael; Urfalioglu, Onay, Error analysis of subpixel edge localisation, 103-113 [Zbl 1180.94014]
Sarifuddin, M.; Missaoui, Rokia; Paindavoine, Michel; Vaillancourt, Jean, An enhanced detector of blurred and noisy edges, 127-140 [Zbl 1180.94019]
Ben Amor, Boulbaba; Ouji, Karima; Ardabilian, Mohsen; Ghorbel, Faouzi; Chen, Liming, 3D face recognition using ICP and geodesic computation coupled approach, 141-151 [Zbl 1189.68109]
Anisetti, Marco; Bellandi, Valerio; Damiani, Ernesto; Arnone, Luigi; Rat, Benoit, A3FD: Accurate 3D face detection, 155-165 [Zbl 1168.68512]
Boukhriss, Isameddine; Miguet, Serge; Tougne, Laure, Two dimensional discrete statistical shape models construction, 167-176 [Zbl 1186.68519]
Mairesse, Fabrice; Sliwa, Tadeusz; Voisin, Yvon; Binczak, St’ephane, A new distorted circle estimator using an active contours approach, 177-187 [Zbl 1180.94013]
Sohail, Abu Sayeed Md.; Bhattacharya, Prabir, Detection of facial feature points using anthropometric face model, 189-200 [Zbl 1162.68632]
Prasad, Munaga. V. N. K.; Manoj, P.; Kumar, D. Sudhir; Negi, Atul, Intramodal palmprint authentication, 201-212 [Zbl 1180.94015]
Jeon, Gwanggil; Jeong, Jechang, Rough sets-based image processing for deinterlacing, 227-239 [Zbl 1162.68785]
Rombaut, Joost; Pižurica, Aleksandra; Philips, Wilfried, Intersubband reconstruction of lost low frequency coefficients in wavelet coded images, 241-253 [Zbl 1180.94018]
Pröfrock, Dima; Schlauweg, Mathias; Müller, Erika, Content-based watermarking by geometric warping and feature-based image segmentation, 255-267 [Zbl 1180.94073]
Sun, Kang; Pan, Xuezeng; Wang, Jimin; Ping, Lingdi, Hardware based steganalysis, 269-278 [Zbl 1152.94005]
Fu, Xinyuan; Guo, He; Wang, Yuxin; Liu, Tianyang; Li, Han, Arbitrary image cloning, 289-300 [Zbl 1169.68641]
Belhadj, Haifa; Zaibi, Sonia; Bouallègue, Ammar, Iterative joint source-channel decoding with source statistics estimation: Application to image transmission, 301-311 [Zbl 1180.94040]
Abadi, Mohamed; Grandchamp, Enguerran, Large deviation spectrum estimation in two dimensions, 323-333 [Zbl 1147.94004]
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