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The little skyrmion: new dark matter for little Higgs models. (English) Zbl 1301.81342
Summary: We study skyrmions in the littlest Higgs model and discuss their possible role as dark matter candidates. Stable massive skyrmions can exist in the littlest Higgs model also in absence of an exact parity symmetry, since they carry a conserved topological charge due to the non-trivial third homotopy group of the \(\mathrm{SU}(5)/\mathrm{SO}(5)\) coset. We find a spherically symmetric skyrmion solution in this coset. The effects of gauge fields on the skyrmion solutions are analyzed and found to lead to an upper bound on the skyrmion mass. The relic abundance is in agreement with the observed dark matter density for reasonable parameter choices.

81V22 Unified quantum theories
35C08 Soliton solutions
14D21 Applications of vector bundles and moduli spaces in mathematical physics (twistor theory, instantons, quantum field theory)
14F35 Homotopy theory and fundamental groups in algebraic geometry
83F05 Cosmology
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