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Álvarez López, Jesús A. (ed.) et al., Differential geometry. Proceedings of the VIII international colloquium, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 7--11, 2008. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 978-981-4261-16-6/hbk). 321-326 (2009).
MSC:  53C10 58A20
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Fernandes, Rui Loja (ed.) et al., Geometry and physics. XVI international fall workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, September 5--8, 2007. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics (AIP) (ISBN 978-0-7354-0546-2/hbk). AIP Conference Proceedings 1023, 202-206 (2008).
MSC:  83C05 83E05
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