Theoretische Physik. Band 4. V. B. Berestetskiĭ, E. M. Lifshits und L. P. Pitaevskiĭ: Relativistische Quantentheorie. Teil I. (Теоретическая физика. Релятивисцкая квантоя теория. Частъ I.) (Russian) Zbl 0174.55602

Moskva: Verlag ‘Nauka’. Hauptredaktion für physikalisch-mathematische Literatur. 480 S. (1968).
This book may be read with profit by those who want to study the methods and practical procedures of the problems in elementary particle physics. Many useful materials are presented and various physical results are derived to understand the elementary particles profoundly. Therefore the discussions for understanding the general formalism from the quantum field theoretic point of view are rather minimized.
In the first three chapters, the authors outline the relativistic treatment of the free elementary particles: the photons, bosons and fermions. Then they deal with the fermions in an external field: a central force field, Coulomb field, electromagnetic plane wave field etc. Chapter five gives a detailed discussion of many of the types of radiation and their behavior: radiation from electric and magnetic multipoles, radiation from an atom, molecule and nucleus, the Zeeman and Stark effects, the photoelectric effect etc.
In the subsequent chapter detailed calculations on the scattering of the light by an electron system, an atom or molecule, are given. Next, the remaining five chapters treat of the electrons, positrons and photons interacting with themselves, starting from the general theories of the scattering matrix and of the relativistic perturbation. The more practical problems are given as an exercise and the solution is added.
Throughout this book, which is the part one of the “relativistic quantum theory”, electrons and photons are considered mainly and their detailed relativistic behavior is discussed. As books of supplementary references Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 of this series: Theory of the fields, Quantum mechanics (nonrelativistic theory), are often cited in the text.
Reviewer: T. Shimpuku


81-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to quantum theory