The history of mathematics in Russia before 1917. (История математики в России до 1917 года.) (Russian) Zbl 0284.01001

Moskva: ‘Nauka’, Hauptredaktion für physikalisch-mathematische Literatur. 592 pp. R. 3.28 (1968).
The first two chapters of this history of mathematics in Russia deal with the period up to the end of the 17th century. A remarkable contribution of the early 18th century was the Arithmetics [(Russian), Moscow, 1703] of L. F. Magnickiĭ (1669–1739), dealt with in the 3rd chapter. The 4th and 5th chapters deal with the foundation of the St. Petersburg Academy, and with its members Hermann, Goldbach, Mayer, Kraft, N. Bernoulli, D. Bernoulli. The 6th-11th chapters are devoted to Euler (more than 100 pages) and form an excellent evaluation of his work. After a 12th chapter containing general information, there follow the 13th on Lobačevskiĭ and the 14th on Ostrogradskiĭ and Bunjakovskiĭ. After a chapter of a general character one has Chapters 16–20 on Čebyšev and his followers, the St. Petersburg mathematical school (Korkin, Solotarev, A. A. Markov, Voronoĭ, Vinogradov, Ljapunov, Bernšteĭn and others); Chapter 21 on differential equations contains the work of Sofia Kovalevskaja, Ljapunov, Steklov, Gjunter and Krylov. Various subjects are dealt with in the 22nd to 26th chapters, where the names of Ljuzin, Kagan, O. Ju. Šmidt, Molin, Hinšin, Suslin and P. Aleksandrov are the most prominent.
The historical presentation is exemplary, the mathematical reports are expert. It is a pity that the reproductions are technically very bad.


01A05 General histories, source books
01-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to history and biography


mathematics; Russia