Finite elements in fluids. Vol. 1: Viscous flow and hydrodynamics. (English) Zbl 0341.76001

London etc.: John Wiley & Sons, a Wiley-Interscience Publication. XIV, 290 p. £9.75; $ 21.45 (1975).


76-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to fluid mechanics
00Bxx Conference proceedings and collections of articles
76-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to fluid mechanics
76D99 Incompressible viscous fluids
65Z05 Applications to the sciences
76S05 Flows in porous media; filtration; seepage
76B15 Water waves, gravity waves; dispersion and scattering, nonlinear interaction
76T99 Multiphase and multicomponent flows