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Combinatorial mathematics, optimal designs and their applications. Papers presented at the International Symposium held at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 5-9, 1978. (English) Zbl 0435.00003
Annals of Discrete Mathematics, 6. Amsterdam - New York - Oxford: North-Holland Publishing Company. viii, 391 p. (1980).

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Indexed articles:
Barlotti, Adriano, Results and problems in Galois geometry, 1-5 [Zbl 0452.51010]
Bose, R. C., Combinatorial problems of experimental design II: Factorial designs, 7-18 [Zbl 0464.62074]
Cameron, Peter J.; Drake, David A., Partial lambda-geometries of small nexus, 19-29 [Zbl 0448.05015]
Cheng, Ching-Shui; Gray, Len J., A characterization of group-divisible designs and some related results, 31-39 [Zbl 0476.05015]
Cheng, Ching-Shui; Gray, Len J., A characterization of group-divisible designs and some related results, 31-39 [Zbl 0478.05014]
Deza, M., On permutation cliques, 41-55 [Zbl 0458.05004]
Deza, M.; Singhi, N. M., Some properties of perfect matroid designs, 57-76 [Zbl 0457.05018]
Dumont, Dominique; Viennot, Gerard, A combinatorial interpretation of the Seidel generation of Genocchi numbers, 77-87 [Zbl 0449.10011]
Erdős, Paul, A survey of problems in combinatorial number theory, 89-115 [Zbl 0448.10002]
Erdős, Paul; Harary, Frank; Klawe, Maria, Residually-complete graphs, 117-123 [Zbl 0451.05040]
Foata, Dominique, A combinatorial proof of Jacobi’s identity, 125-135 [Zbl 0448.05006]
Fraenkel, Aviezri S., From Nim to Go, 137-156 [Zbl 0445.90104]
Hall, Marshall jun., Configurations in a plane of order ten, 157-174 [Zbl 0463.05021]
Hamada, Noboru; Tamari, Fumikazu, Construction of optimal codes and optimal fractional factorial designs using linear programming, 175-188 [Zbl 0446.94009]
Hedayat, A.; Li, Shuo-Yen Robert, Combinatorial topology and the trade off method in BIB designs, 189-200 [Zbl 0455.05016]
Hering, Franz, Block designs with cyclic block structure, 201-214 [Zbl 0448.05018]
Joni, S. A.; Rota, G.-C., On restricted bases for finite fields, 215-217 [Zbl 0466.15001]
Kevorkian, Aram K., Partitioning of the minimum essential set construction problem, 219-224 [Zbl 0455.05033]
Kiefer, J., Optimal design theory in relation to combinatorial design, 225-241 [Zbl 0463.62066]
Kleitman, D. J.; Winston, K. J., The asymptotic number of lattices, 243-249 [Zbl 0446.06005]
Lascoux, A.; Schützenberger, M. P., A new statistics on words, 251-255 [Zbl 0461.05006]
Mullin, R. C.; Schellenberg, P. J.; Stinson, D. R.; Vanstone, S. A., Some results on the existence of squares, 257-274 [Zbl 0447.05013]
Naik, R.; Shrikhande, S. S.; Rao, S. B.; Singhi, N. M., Intersection graphs of k-uniform hypergraphs, 275-279 [Zbl 0439.05036]
Rathie, Pushpa N., On some enumeration problems in graph theory, 281-288 [Zbl 0445.05053]
Seberry, Jennifer, Some remarks on amicable orthogonal designs, 289-291 [Zbl 0448.05011]
Seiden, Esther, On the number of nonisomorphic designs in a repeated measurement experiment, 293-300 [Zbl 0442.62059]
Simonovits, Miklos; Sós, Vera T., Intersection theorems on structures, 301-314 [Zbl 0455.05003]
Srivastava, J. N.; Ghosh, S., Enumeration and representation of nonisomorphic bipartite graphs, 315-332 [Zbl 0445.05054]
Stanley, Richard P., Decompositions of rational convex polytopes, 333-342 [Zbl 0812.52012]
Tutte, W. T., Rotors in graph theory, 343-347 [Zbl 0484.05058]
Williamson, S. G., Embedding graphs in the plane - algorithmic aspects, 349-384 [Zbl 0451.05021]
Yamamoto, Sumiyasu; Tazawa, Shinsei, Hyperclaw decomposition of complete hypergraphs, 385-391 [Zbl 0458.05047]
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