Integration, topology, and geometry in linear spaces. Proceedings of the Conference held at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, May 17-19, 1979. (English) Zbl 0541.00009

Contemporary Mathematics, 2. Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society (AMS). ix, 269 p. (1980).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually under the abbreviation ”Integration, topology, and geometry in linear spaces, Proc. Conf., Chapel Hill/N.C. 1979, Contemp. Math. 2”.
Indexed articles:
Collins, Heron S., Strict topologies in measure theory [Zbl 0548.46002]
Brook, Cecilia H.; Graves, William H., Closed measures [Zbl 0549.28010]
Huff, R., The Radon-Nikodym property [Zbl 0552.46010]
Brooks, James K.; Dinculeanu, Nicolae, Weak and strong compactness in the space of Pettis integrable functions [Zbl 0553.46027]
Higgs, Denis, Axiomatic infinite sums - an algebraic approach to integration theory [Zbl 0554.28011]
Kalton, N. J., The Orlicz-Pettis theorem [Zbl 0566.46008]
Linton, F. E. J., Applied functorial semantics, III: characterizing Banach conjugate spaces [Zbl 0566.46035]
Diestel, Joe, A survey of results related to the Dunford-Pettis property [Zbl 0571.46013]
Uhl, J. J. jun., Pettis’s measurability theorem [Zbl 0571.46030]
Dunford, Nelson, An expansion theorem [Zbl 0572.47020]
Graves, William H.; Ruess, Wolfgang, Compactness in spaces of vector-valued measures and a natural Mackey topology for spaces of bounded measurable functions [Zbl 0576.46032]
Sentilles, Dennis, Stonian differentiation and representation of vector functions and measures [Zbl 0579.46030]
Kluvánek, Igor, Applications of vector measures [Zbl 0587.28005]
Lau, Ka-Sing, On some classes of Banach spaces and generalized harmonic analysis [Zbl 0594.46024]


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