Fractal behavior in trapping and reaction: A random walk study. (English) Zbl 0587.60062

We investigate the trapping of a random walker in fractal structures (Sierpinski gaskets) with randomly distributed traps. The survival probability is determined from the number of distinct sites visited in the trap-free fractals. We show that the short-time behavior and the long-time tails of the survival probability are governed by the spectral dimension \(\tilde d.\) We interpolate between these two limits by introducing a scaling law.
An extension of the theory, which includes a continuous-time random walk on fractals, is discussed as well as the case of direct trapping. The latter case is shown to be governed by the fractal dimension \(\bar d.\)


60G50 Sums of independent random variables; random walks
60K35 Interacting random processes; statistical mechanics type models; percolation theory
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