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Directory of statistical microcomputer software. 1985 Edition. (English) Zbl 0601.62003
New York-Basel: Marcel Dekker, Inc. V, 464 p. (1985).
Updating data on the current statistical programs, this Directory is the most complete, comprehensive collection of its kind. This practical, single source guide lists alphabetically by program name approximately 140 statistical software packages. Each entry contains detailed facts - obtained directly from software producers - such as hardware and software requirements, ordering and price information, available documentation and phone support, statistical functions, graphic capabilities, and listings of published reviews.
And the Directory presents time-saving features including a vendor index - listing the names of individuals or companies who write, market, and/or support the software package... program capabilities index - indicating which programs can perform certain statistical tasks such as t-tests, confidence intervals, and distribution function evaluation... configurations index - matches programs with their computer or operating systems such as IBM PC, Apple, and UNIX... and glossary - which defines computer and statistical terms.
This book is mandatory for statisticians, mathematicians, computer engineers and scientists, researchers working with statistical data in all disciplines such as engineering, marketing, business, medicine, social science, psychology, and biometry, CAD/CAM software designers, microcomputer manufacturers, and software producers and vendors, needing fingertip access to microcomputer programs.

62-04 Software, source code, etc. for problems pertaining to statistics
62-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to statistics