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Mathematics. Queen and servant of science. (Republ.). (English) Zbl 0633.00001
MAA Spectrum. Washington D. C.: The Mathematical Association of America. XXIV, 437 p.; $ 18.50 (1987).
This book, a reprint of its 1951 first edition, still is one of the best popular accounts surveying the whole of mathematics. The author discusses historical as well as systematical matters, pure and applied mathematics, philosophical and technical aspects of mathematics. The book is rewarding reading not only for high school teachers (for them it should be a must) and mathematics students but also for skilful and interested layman.
Unfortunately, yet, the 1951 edition is simply reprinted (with a foreword of M. Gardner added), thus leaving the list of names with dates of lifes out of date - e.g. N. Bohr, E. Cartan, A. Einstein, K. Gödel, H. Weyl etc. seem to be living individuals. At some places, too, added comments reflecting the development of the last 40 years would have been a welcome addition.
Reviewer: S.Gottwald

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