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Blöcke exzeptioneller Chevalley-Gruppen. (Blocks of exceptional Chevalley groups). (German) Zbl 0644.20027
Bonn. Math. Schr. 165, 196 S. (1985).
The study of r-blocks of the groups GL(n,q) and U(n,q) (r is a prime, \((r,q)=1)\), was started by arlier [J. Geom. 30, 144-156 (1987; Zbl 0632.51019)] the notion of a fibered loop as a certain incidence structure with algebraic loop structure. She shows here that in the given axiom system the i-th axiom can not be proved out of the first i-1 ones, for every i.
Reviewer: H.Heineken

20G05 Representation theory for linear algebraic groups
20G40 Linear algebraic groups over finite fields
20C20 Modular representations and characters