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MM. Borel, Tits, Zil’ber et le général nonsense. (French) Zbl 0662.03022
The aim of this paper is not clear to the reviewer. The author claims that he is interested in the Cherlin conjecture stating that a simple group of finite Morley rank is an algebraic group over an algebraically closed field, and proves a very special case of a theorem of Borel and Tits (an automorphism of a simple algebraic group over an algebraically closed field comes from an automorphism of the ground field composed with an automorphism of the group as a quasi-variety) using heavily model- theoretic methods. Of course, it is these methods, more than the result, which are interesting.
Reviewer: D.Lascar

03C45 Classification theory, stability and related concepts in model theory
03C60 Model-theoretic algebra
20G99 Linear algebraic groups and related topics
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