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Jacques Bernoulli and the Ars conjectandi. Documents for the study of the emergence of a mathematization of stochastics. Transl. from the Latin by B. Lalande and N. Meusnier. (Jacques Bernoulli et l’Ars conjectandi. Documents pour l’étude de l’émergence d’une mathématisation de la stochastique. Trad. du latin par Bernard Lalande et Norbert Meusnier.) (French) Zbl 0694.01020
Mont Saint Aignan: Univ. de Rouen Haute Normandie, Inst. de Recherche sur l’Enseignement des Mathématiques. 156 p. (1987).
The significant parts of James Bernoulli’s contributions to stochastics are presented in modern French. In his Latin text James already used the term “ars conjectandi sive stochastice” which has been overlooked in the following times. We find 1) part IV of “ars conjectandi” side by side with the Latin text (1713) and with 69 historical and mathematical annotations and the preface to this book by Nicholas Bernoulli, [but N. was not its editor, see A. P. Yushkevich, Theory Probab. Appl. 31, 286-303 (1987); translation from Teor. Veroyatn. Primen. 31, No.2, 333- 352 (1986; Zbl 0616.01008)]; and an index of the Latin and French termini technici. 2) The “Lettre à un Amy sur les Partis du Jeux de Paume” is reproduced in its original form. 3) The reproduction of two title pages from the Journal des Sçavans and of “Theses logicae de Conversione et Oppositione...”. 4) Meditationes, Article 77, pp. 101-106 (“Eheabred” between Titus and Caja) and a bibliography with special hint to J. K. Kohli [“Die Publikationsgeschichte der Ars Conjectandi”, in “Die Werke von Jakob Bernoulli” Bd. 3 (1975; Zbl 0365.01016), pp. 391-401].
Remarks concerning the history of the publication: “Ars conjectandi” has been reprinted in 1968 in “Editions Culture et Civilisation”, and in 1975 in “Die Werke von Jakob Bernoulli”, Bd. 3 (loc. cit). A German translation with a good historical introduction and many special notes on historical and mathematical problems is due to R. Haussner (1899). Part 1 has been translated into French by Vastel (1801) and into Italian with many commentaries, by Dupont and Roero (1984). The first three chapters of part 2 have been reprinted and translated into English by Masares (1795). Part 4 has been translated into Russian by J. V. Uspensky with a preface by Markov (1913), and into English by Bing Sung (1966), with a preface by Dempster. The Russian translation has been reprinted in 1986 with new commentaries.
Reviewer: H.Grimm

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