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Collected mathematical works, scientific posthumous works and supplements. Collected papers. According to the edition by H. Weber and R. Dedekind newly edited by R. Narasimhan. (Gesammelte mathematische Werke, wissenschaftlicher Nachlaß und Nachträge. Collected papers. Nach der Ausgabe von Heinrich Weber und Richard Dedekind neu hrsgg. von Raghavan Narasimhan.) (German) Zbl 0703.01020
Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag; Leipzig: BSB B.G. Teubner Verlagsgesellschaft. vi, 911 p. DM 198.00 (1990).
This volume contains a reprint of the second edition of Riemann’s “Gesammelte mathematische Werke und wisssenschaftlicher Nachlaß” edited by H. Weber and R. Dedekind in 1892 [JFM 24.0021.04] which included Dedekind’s biographical sketch of Riemann’s life, and of Riemann’s “Gesammelte mathematische Nachträge”, edited by M. Noether and W. Wirtinger in 1902 [JFM 33.0025.05]. Moreover the editor included the following nine pieces which are partly reprints, partly new contributions for this volume:
1. His preface together with a mathematical commentary on some of Riemann’s publications leaving aside mathematical physics and philosophy.
2. R. Dedekind’s announcement of the first edition of Riemann’s collected works (published in 1876).
3. W. Wirtinger’s commentary on Riemann’s lectures on the hypergeometric series and its importance (published in 1905).
4. The third edition of H. Weyl’s publication of Riemann’s Habilitationsvortrag (published in 1923).
5. C. L. Siegel’s article on Riemann’s Nachlaß concerning analytic number theory (published in 1932).
6. P. Lax’s commentary on Riemann’s paper “Über die Fortpflanzung ebener Luftwellen von endlicher Schwingungsweite”.
7. S. Chandrasekhar and N. Lebovitz’s commentary on Riemann’s paper on ellipsoids (partly published in 1969).
8. Supplements to Riemann’s course of life including letters by Riemann, G. H. Seffer, and C. Schmalfuß.
9. Two compilations of bibliographic items by W. Purkert and E. Neuenschwander which try to document the influence of Riemann’s ideas and the most important publications about the life and work of Riemann.

01A75 Collected or selected works; reprintings or translations of classics
01A55 History of mathematics in the 19th century
01A70 Biographies, obituaries, personalia, bibliographies