A course in mathematical analysis. Textbook. In 3 volumes. (Kurs matematicheskogo analiza. Uchebnik. V 3-kh tomakh). 2nd ed., rev. and compl. (Kurs matematicheskogo analiza. Uchebnik. V 3-kh tomakh.) (Russian) Zbl 0703.26001

Moskva: Vysshaya Shkola. 712 p./vol.1; 576 p./vol.2; 352 p./vol.3. R. 1.60/vol.1; R. 1.40/vol.2; R. 0.95/vol.3 (1988).
This is an enlarged and revised version of the handbook which appeared in 1981 in two volumes (see Zbl 0485.26001 and Zbl 0485.26002). In comparison with the previous edition the most important changes consist in introducing to the second volume a chapter on infinite products and in an essential broadening of the part devoted to harmonic analysis and function spaces, which constitutes the third volume.
Reviewer: W.Wilczyński


26-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to real functions