Order, disorder and chaos in quantum systems. Proceedings of a conference held at Dubna, USSR on October 17-21, 1989. (English) Zbl 0708.00010

Operator Theory: Advances and Applications, 46. Basel etc.: Birkhäuser Verlag. xiv, 360 p. sFr. 98.00; DM 112.00 (1990).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually under the abbreviation “Order, disorder and chaos in quantum systems, Proc. Conf., Dubna/USSR 1989, Oper. Theory, Adv. Appl. 46 (1990)”.
Indexed articles:
Birman, M. S.; Solomyak, M. Z., Negative discrete spectrum of the Schrödinger operator with large coupling constant: A qualitative discussion, 3-16 [Zbl 0746.35024]
Birman, M. S., Discrete spectrum in the gaps of the continuous one in the large- coupling-constant limit, 17-25 [Zbl 0773.35047]
Sobolev, A. V., On the asymptotics of discrete spectrum for the Schrödinger operator in electric and homogeneous magnetic fields, 27-31 [Zbl 0718.35069]
Vugal’ter, S. A.; Zhislin, G. M., Asymptotics of the discrete spectrum of Hamiltonians of quantum systems with a homogeneous magnetic field, 33-53 [Zbl 0731.47016]
Vugal’ter, S. A., Asymptotics of eigenvalues for many-particle Hamiltonians at symmetry subspaces, 55-59 [Zbl 0718.35070]
Ivrii, V.; Kachalkina, A., Spectral asymptotics with highly accurate remainder estimates, 61-63 [Zbl 0766.47027]
Exner, Pavel, Bound states and resonances in quantum wires, 65-84 [Zbl 0726.47005]
Buslaev, V. S., Spectral properties of the operators \(H\psi =-\psi_{xx}+p(x)\psi +v(\epsilon x)\psi\), p is periodic, 85-107 [Zbl 0723.47042]
Exner, Pavel; Neidhardt, Hagen, To the memory of a great mathematician, ix [Zbl 1268.01030]
Khryashchev, S. V., Discrete spectrum for a periodic Schrödinger operator perturbed by a decreasing potential, 109-114 [Zbl 0718.35068]
Novitskii, Michail, On a complete description of the principal discrete series of spectral invariants of the Hill operator, 115-117 [Zbl 0728.34090]
Chernyavskaya, N. A.; Shuster, L. A., WKB-approximations from the perturbation theory viewpoint, 119-123 [Zbl 0751.47031]
Neidhardt, Hagen, Moving potentials and the completeness of wave operators. II: Propagating observables on scattering states, 125-147 [Zbl 0731.47005]
Kuperin, Yu. A.; Melnikov, Yu. B., Representation of the three-body S-matrix in terms of effective amplitudes, 149-153 [Zbl 0729.47010]
Yarevsky, E. A., A three-body one-dimensional system with increasing interactions: Wave function asymptotics, 155-158 [Zbl 0729.47011]
Zakhariev, B. N.; Olhovsky, V. S.; Shilov, V. M., Surprises of quantum tunneling (something about the velocity of the sub- barrier motion), 159-168 [Zbl 0729.47012]
Kirsch, Werner; Nitzschner, Frank, Lifshitz-tails and non-Lifshitz-tails for one-dimensional random point interactions, 171-178 [Zbl 0711.60063]
Cheremshantsev, S. E.; Makarov, K. A., Point interactions with an internal structure as limits of nonlocal separable potentials, 179-182 [Zbl 0725.47001]
Šťovíček, Pavel, Green’s function for the Aharonov-Bohm effect with a non-Abelian gauge group, 183-193 [Zbl 0751.47036]
Brasche, J. F.; Karwowski, W., On boundary theory for Schrödinger operators and stochastic processes, 199-208 [Zbl 0745.60077]
Dittrich, J.; Exner, P.; Šeba, P., Dirac Hamiltonian with Coulomb potential and contact interaction on a sphere, 209-219 [Zbl 0751.47032]
Kochubei, A. N., Self-adjoint extensions of Schrödinger operators with singular potentials, 221-227 [Zbl 0725.47006]
Kuperin, Yu. A.; Yarevsky, E. A., Currents and the extensions theory, 229-233 [Zbl 0722.47012]
Šeba, Petr, Chaotic quantum billiards, 237-258 [Zbl 0719.58025]
Izrailev, F. M., Relevance of the localization to quasienergy statistics in quantum chaotic systems, 259-277 [Zbl 0719.58024]
Milek, B.; Šeba, P., Singular continuous quasi-energy spectrum in the kicked rotator with separable perturbation: Onset of quantum chaos?, 279-299 [Zbl 0726.47008]
Berman, G. P.; Izrailev, F. M., Relation between correlation functions and spectrum statistics in the region of quantum chaos, 301-304 [Zbl 0736.47037]
Kurasov, Pavel; Pavlov, B. S., Localization effects in nonhomogeneous dielectrics, 307-313 [Zbl 1268.78003]
Kuperin, Yu. A., A self-adjoint dilation of the linear Boltzmann operator, 315-318 [Zbl 0743.47005]
Derfel, G. A., Kato problem for functional-differential equations and difference Schrödinger operators, 319-321 [Zbl 0728.34067]
Petrukhnovsky, S. I., An existence theorem for some nonlinear nonlocal Schrödinger operators and the soliton-like solutions for the corresponding dynamic systems, 323-326 [Zbl 0718.35090]
Pivovarchik, V. N., The Sturm-Liouville problem with a potential linear in spectral parameter, 327-329 [Zbl 0714.34043]
Antonets, M. A.; Shereshevskij, I. A., Stochastic model of tree growth, 331-334 [Zbl 0738.60062]
Antonets, M. A.; Shereshevskij, I. A., Critical phenomenon in the stationary model of random growth, 335-338 [Zbl 0738.60061]
Bona, Pavel, On a quantum-classical connection, hidden symmetries, and a model of Josephson junction, 339-342 [Zbl 0751.46044]
Struleckaja, V. R., Open multiquantum systems. Method of a generating functional, 343-345 [Zbl 1268.81100]
Egorov, Yu. V., Generalized functions and their applications, 347-354 [Zbl 0746.46029]


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