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Estimation and prediction of the Burr type XII distribution based on record values and inter-record times. (English) Zbl 07184573
Summary: The maximum likelihood and Bayesian approaches for parameter estimations and prediction of future record values have been considered for the two-parameter Burr Type XII distribution based on record values with the number of trials following the record values (inter-record times). Firstly, the Bayes estimates are obtained based on a joint bivariate prior for the shape parameters. In this case, the Bayes estimates of the parameters have been developed by using Lindley’s approximation and the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method due to the lack of explicit forms under the squared error and the linear-exponential loss functions. The MCMC method has been also used to construct the highest posterior density credible intervals. Secondly, the Bayes estimates are obtained with respect to a discrete prior for the first shape parameter and a conjugate prior for other shape parameter. The Bayes and the maximum likelihood estimates are compared in terms of the estimated risk by the Monte Carlo simulations. We further consider the non-Bayesian and Bayesian prediction for future lower record arising from the Burr Type XII distribution based on record data. The comparison of the derived predictors is carried out by using Monte Carlo simulations. A real data are analysed for illustration purposes.

62F10 Point estimation
62F15 Bayesian inference
BayesDA; Bolstad
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