Designs, graphs, codes and their links. (English) Zbl 0743.05004

London Mathematical Society Student Texts. 22. Cambridge etc.: Cambridge University Press,. ix, 240 p. (1991).
This revised and updated version of a well-known and much used book is precisely what mathematicians working in the relevant subjects and teaching them were waiting for.
In order to exploit the links between designs, strongly regular graphs and codes, the authors provide a good amount of material on each of these topics. Furthermore, many less familiar connections are pointed out and the proposed excercises cover parts not fully developed in the text which enables the reader to deepen his/her knowledge.
The book is a perfect text book both for last year undergraduate courses, at a good level, and for postgraduate courses in combinatorial theories. Also, it should sit in every combinatorialist private library.


05B05 Combinatorial aspects of block designs
05E30 Association schemes, strongly regular graphs
94C30 Applications of design theory to circuits and networks
05-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to combinatorics