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Arboreal group theory. Proceedings of a workshop, held September 13-16, 1988, in Berkeley, CA (USA). (English) Zbl 0744.00026
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications. 19. New York etc.: Springer-Verlag. x, 368 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Alonso, Juan M., Growth functions of amalgams, 1-34 [Zbl 0796.20021]
Basarab, Şerban A., On a problem raised by Alperin and Bass, 35-68 [Zbl 0808.20030]
Bass, Hyman, Group actions on non-archimedean trees, 69-131 [Zbl 0826.20026]
Bestvina, Mladen; Feighn, Mark, A counterexample to generalized accessibility, 133-141 [Zbl 0826.20027]
Bonahon, Francis, Geodesic currents on negatively curved groups, 143-168 [Zbl 0772.57004]
Chiswell, I. M., Pregroups and Lyndon length functions, 169-181 [Zbl 0794.20035]
Cohen, M. M.; Lustig, M.; Steiner, M., \(\mathbb{R}\)-tree actions are not determined by the translation lengths of finitely many elements, 183-187 [Zbl 0826.20028]
Culler, Marc; Vogtmann, Karen, The boundary of outer space in rank two, 189-230 [Zbl 0786.57002]
Gillet, H.; Shalen, P., Cohomological dimension of groups acting on \(\mathbb{R}\)-trees, 231-250 [Zbl 0822.20028]
Jiang, Renfang, Branch points and free actions on \(\mathbb{R}\)-trees, 251-293 [Zbl 0792.57003]
Parry, Walter, Axioms for translation length functions, 295-330 [Zbl 0829.20039]
Paulin, Frédéric, Outer automorphisms of hyperbolic groups and small actions on \(\mathbb{R}\)- trees, 331-343 [Zbl 0804.57002]
Rimlinger, Frank, The structure of Promislow’s continuous free product, 345-354 [Zbl 0792.20029]
Stallings, John R., Foldings of \(G\)-trees, 355-368 [Zbl 0782.20018]

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