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Unilateral problems in structural analysis IV. Proceedings of the fourth meeting, Capri, Italy, June 14-16, 1989. (English) Zbl 0745.00040

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Indexed articles:
Bennati, S.; Lucchesi, M., Elementary solutions for equilibrium problems of masonry-like materials, 1-16 [Zbl 0770.73053]
Bruno, D.; Porco, G.; Zinno, R., Finite element analysis of nonlinear laminated composite plates, 17-28 [Zbl 0761.73106]
Corradi, Leone; Genna, Francesco; Annovazzi, Lorella, Holonomic versus rate relations in plasticity, 29-38 [Zbl 0772.73025]
Del Piero, Gianpietro; Sampaio, Rubens, A unified treatment of damage and plasticity based on a new definition of microfracture, 39-50 [Zbl 0771.73021]
Haslinger, J., Shape optimization in unilateral boundary value problems, 51-55 [Zbl 0761.73076]
Jean, Michel, Dynamics of rigid bodies with dry friction and partially elastic collisions, 57-70 [Zbl 0761.73102]
Kalker, J. J.; Chudzikiewicz, A., Calculation of the evolution of the form of a railway wheel profile through wear, 71-84 [Zbl 0800.73378]
Klarbring, A.; Mikelić, A.; Shillor, M., A global existence result for the quasistatic frictional contact problem with normal compliance, 85-111 [Zbl 0761.73104]
Leonardi, Angelo; Maceri, Franco; Sacco, Elio, Debonding of bimodular plates, 113-128 [Zbl 0800.73335]
Licht, C.; Pratt, E.; Raous, M., Remarks on a numerical method for unilateral contact including friction, 129-144 [Zbl 0762.73076]
Owen, David R., Recent research on elastic-plastic oscillators, 145-159 [Zbl 0770.73045]
Panagiotopoulos, P. D., Optimal control of systems governed by variational-hemivariational inequalities, 161-181 [Zbl 0757.49011]
Romano, Giovanni; Rosati, Luciano; Ferro, Giuseppe, Theorems of the alternative in unilateral structural mechanics, 183-197 [Zbl 0805.73053]
Telega, Józef Joachim, Quasi-static Signorini’s contact problem with friction and duality, 199-214 [Zbl 0805.73058]
Guo, Zhongheng; Wang, Shuxun, Dynamics of unilateral systems on a finite-dimensional Riemannian manifold, 215-228 [Zbl 0756.70013]

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