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Proceedings of the twenty-second southeastern conference on combinatorics, graph theory, and computing, held at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, February 10-15, 1991. (English) Zbl 0747.00033
Congressus Numerantium. 82. Winnipeg: Utilitas Mathematica Publishing Inc.. 223 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Meir, A.; Moon, J. W., On nodes of large out-degree in random trees, 3-13 [Zbl 0765.05039]
Finizio, Norman J., Orbits of cyclic \(Wh[v]\) of \(Z_ N\)-type, 15-28 [Zbl 0764.05010]
Gilpin, Michael, A relationship between cyclic groups and measuring problems, 29-32 [Zbl 0764.05004]
Gismondi, S. J.; Swart, E. R., A new type of 4-colour reducibility, 33-48 [Zbl 0764.05026]
Gewali, Laxmi P., Planning monotone paths to visit a set of obstacles, 49-56 [Zbl 0766.68133]
Young, Gilbert; Zheng, Si-Qing, Average distance between vertices in multiply-twisted hypercubes, 57-64 [Zbl 0765.68164]
Friederich, Sylvia C.; Gargano, Michael L.; Quintas, Louis V., Matroid bases with optimal sequencing, 65-77 [Zbl 0764.05019]
Liu, Jiuqiang; Williams, Kenneth; Wang, Jianfang, Bandwidth for the sum of two graphs, 79-85 [Zbl 0764.05083]
Hartnell, Bert L.; Rall, Douglas F., On Vizing’s conjecture, 87-96 [Zbl 0764.05092]
Koukouvinos, Christos; Seberry, Jennifer, Addendum to: Further results on base sequences, disjoint complementary sequences, \(OD(4t;t,t,t,t)\), and the excess of Hadamard matrices, 97-103 [Zbl 0762.05023]
Lundgren, J. Richard; Rasmussen, Craig W., Interval graphs with noninterval competition graphs, 105-116 [Zbl 0764.05080]
Harborth, Heiko, Maximum number of crossings for the cube graph, 117-122 [Zbl 0765.05056]
Füredi, Zoltán; Reimer, Dave; Seress, Ákos, Hajnal’s triangle-free game and extremal graph problems, 123-128 [Zbl 0764.05043]
Davison, L.; Guenther, G., Maximal run lengths in binary strings, 129-138 [Zbl 0768.11011]
Cater, Steven C.; Robinson, Robert W., Exponents of 2 in the numbers of unlabeled graphs and tournaments, 139-155 [Zbl 0764.05039]
Getu, Seyoum; Woan, Wen-jin, Permutations on \([n]\) with descending local maxima, 157-160 [Zbl 0761.05002]
Aldred, R. E. L.; Hemminger, R. L.; Holton, D. A., A dual concept of connectivity in planar graphs, 161-166 [Zbl 0769.05060]
Blanton, Earle L.; Hurd, Spencer P.; McCranie, Judson S., On the digraph defined by squaring \(\mod m\), when \(m\) has primitive roots, 167-177 [Zbl 0764.05029]
Goddard, Wayne; Kleitman, Daniel J.; Sturtevant, Dean, Convergence of a transformation on a weighted graph, 179-185 [Zbl 0764.05044]
Alavi, Yousef; Green, David jun.; Liu, Jiuqiang; Wang, Jianfang, On linear vertex-arboricity of graphs, 187-192 [Zbl 0764.05041]
Johnson, P. D. jun., A graph parameter of Shields and Harary, 193-200 [Zbl 0764.05094]
Jacobson, Michael S.; Kubicka, Ewa; Kubicki, Grzegorz, Vertex-rotation numbers for tournaments, 201-210 [Zbl 0760.05048]
Edwards, William R.; Tadayon, Farideh; Yang, Ming-Guey, An information source model for software development, 211-221 [Zbl 0766.68014]

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