STACS 91, 8th annual symposium on theoretical aspects of computer science. Hamburg, Germany, February 14-16, 1991. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0753.00019

Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 480. Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. X, 549 p. (1991).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. For the preceding symposium see [Zbl 0728.00020].
Indexed articles:
Leszczylowski, Jacek; Wirsing, Martin, Polymorphism, parametrization and typing: An algebraic specification perspective, 1-15 [Zbl 0788.68098]
Jouannaud, Jean-Pierre, Executable higher-order algebraic specifications, 16-25 [Zbl 0764.68098]
Vitter, Jeffrey Scott, Efficient memory access in large-scale computation, 26-41 [Zbl 0765.90042]
Roth, Peter, \(l\)-occurrences of avoidable patterns, 42-49 [Zbl 0773.68048]
Frougny, Christiane; Sakarovitch, Jacques, Rational relations with bounded delay, 50-63 [Zbl 0773.68045]
Schmidt, Martin, On the power of several queues, 64-75 [Zbl 0764.68039]
Guaiana, G.; Restivo, A.; Salemi, S., On aperiodic trace languages, 76-88 [Zbl 0773.68047]
Gastin, Paul, Recognizable and rational languages of finite and infinite traces, 89-104 [Zbl 0773.68046]
Diekert, Volker, On the concatenation of infinite traces. (Extended abstract), 105-117 [Zbl 0773.68057]
Serna, Maria; Spirakis, Paul, Tight RNC approximations to max flow, 118-126 [Zbl 0765.90038]
Godau, Michael, A natural metric for curves – computing the distance for polygonal chains and approximation algorithms, 127-136 [Zbl 0773.68068]
Wegener, Ingo, The worst case complexity of McDiarmid and Reed’s variant of bottom-up- heap sort is less than \(n\log n + 1.1n\), 137-147 [Zbl 0764.68084]
Gilleron, Rémi, Decision problems for term rewriting systems and recognizable tree languages, 148-159 [Zbl 0773.68044]
Madlener, Klaus; Otto, Friedrich, Decidable sentences for context-free groups, 160-171 [Zbl 0764.68086]
Rossmanith, Peter, The owner concept for PRAMs, 172-183 [Zbl 0773.68027]
Baude, Françoise; Vidal-Naquet, Guy, Actors as a parallel programming model, 184-195 [Zbl 0773.68025]
Albert, Luc; Casas, Rafael; Fages, François; Torrecillas, A.; Zimmermann, Paul, Average case analysis of unification algorithms, 196-213 [Zbl 0764.68056]
Wang, Bal; Shyamasundar, R. K., Methodology for proving the termination of logic programs, 214-227 [Zbl 0773.68018]
Santha, Miklos; Wilson, Christopher, Polynomial size constant depth circuits with a limited number of negations, 228-237 [Zbl 0764.94025]
Tarui, Jun, Randomized polynomials, threshold circuits, and the polynomial hierarchy, 238-250 [Zbl 0764.94026]
Brassard, Gilles; Crépeau, Claude; Laplante, Sophie; Léger, Christian, Computationally convincing proofs of knowledge, 251-262 [Zbl 0773.68024]
Fortnow, Lance; Lund, Carsten, Interactive proof systems and alternating time-space complexity, 263-274 [Zbl 0764.68067]
Schmeltz, Bernd, Optimal tradeoffs between time and bit complexity in distributed synchronous rings, 275-284 [Zbl 0776.68019]
Baum-Waidner, Birgit; Pfitzmann, Birgit; Waidner, Michael, Unconditional Byzantine agreement with good majority, 285-295 [Zbl 0773.68003]
Carlsson, Svante; Mattsson, Christer; Poblete, Patricio V.; Bengtsson, Mats, A new compacting garbage-collection algorithm with a good average-case performance, 296-308 [Zbl 0764.68017]
Vogler, Walter, Bisimulation and action refinement, 309-321 [Zbl 0773.68052]
Jeron, Thierry, Testing for unboundedness of Fifo channels, 322-333 [Zbl 0764.68005]
Beauquier, J.; Choquet, A.; Petit, A.; Vidal-Naquet, G., Detection of deadlocks in an infinite family of nets, 334-347 [Zbl 0773.68004]
Buss, Jonathan F.; Goldsmith, Judy, Nondeterminism within \(P\), 348-359 [Zbl 0773.68030]
Buntrock, Gerhard; Damm, Carsten; Hertrampf, Ulrich; Meinel, Christoph, Structure and importance of logspace-MOD-classes, 360-371 [Zbl 0764.68041]
Rutenburg, Vladislav, Complexity classification of truth maintenance systems, 372-383 [Zbl 0773.68043]
Desel, Jörg; Esparza, Javier, Reachability in reversible free choice systems, 384-397 [Zbl 0773.68056]
Best, Eike; Cherkasova, Ludmila; Desel, Jörg, Compositional generation of home states in free choice systems, 398-409 [Zbl 0773.68055]
Buhrman, Harry; Spaan, Edith; Torenvliet, Leen, Bounded reductions, 410-421 [Zbl 0773.68029]
Àlvarez, Carme; Balcázar, José L.; Jenner, Birgit, Functional oracle queries as a measure of parallel time, 422-433 [Zbl 0773.68028]
Pitsch, Gisela; Schömer, Elmar, Optimal parallel recognition of bracket languages on hypercubes, 434-443 [Zbl 0773.68049]
Rajasekaran, Sanguthevar; Overholt, Richard, Constant queue routing on a mesh, 444-455 [Zbl 0773.68010]
Condon, Anne, The complexity of the max word problem, 456-465 [Zbl 0773.68039]
Grädel, Erich, The expressive power of second order Horn logic, 466-477 [Zbl 0773.03006]
De Santis, Alfredo; Persiano, Giuseppe, Tight bounds on the path length of binary trees, 478-487 [Zbl 0767.05060]
Hartmann, Joachim, The random testability of the \(n\)-input AND gate, 488-498 [Zbl 0764.94027]
Schoett, Oliver, An observational subset of first-order logic cannot specify the behaviour of a counter. (Extended abstract), 499-510 [Zbl 0776.68085]
Denis, François; Delahaye, Jean-Paul, Unfolding, procedural and fixpoint semantics of logic programs, 511-522 [Zbl 0776.68079]
Balbiani, Philippe, A modal semantics for the negation as failure and the closed world assumption rules, 523-534 [Zbl 0776.68103]
Berghammer, Rudolf; Schmidt, Gunther, The RELVIEW-system, 535-536 [Zbl 0800.68963]
Biryalcev, E. V.; Gusenkov, A. M.; Nasyrov, Ildar R.; Saveliev, A. A., Geometry models design system \(\Gamma{}\)POM, 537-538 [Zbl 0800.68962]
Hoffmann, Berthold; Krieg-Brückner, Bernd, The PROSPECTRA system, 539-540 [Zbl 0800.68556]
Jeron, Thierry, Prototype of a verification tool, 541-542 [Zbl 0800.68555]
Kröger, Jörg; Schmitz, Lothar, IPG - An interactive parser generator, 543-544 [Zbl 0776.68076]
Pimont, Simone, A placement system for constrained blocks with flexible shapes, 545-546 [Zbl 0800.68131]
Rayko, D.; Vershinin, Kirill; Romanenko, I., Algebraic programm interpreter APREX2, 547-548 [Zbl 0776.68066]


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