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Automata, languages and programming. 17th International colloquium, Warwick University, England, July 16-20, 1990. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0758.00017
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 443. Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. IX, 780 p. (1990).

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Indexed articles:
Dietzfelbinger, Martin; Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm, A new universal class of hash functions and dynamic hashing in real time, 6-19 [Zbl 0765.68026]
Riecke, Jon G., A complete and decidable proof system for call-by-value equalities, 20-31 [Zbl 0765.68143]
Schwartzbach, Michael I., Static correctness of hierarchical procedures, 32-45 [Zbl 0765.68017]
Malecki, Sophie, Generic terms having no polymorphic types, 46-59 [Zbl 0766.03006]
Krob, Daniel, A complete system of B-rational identities, 60-73 [Zbl 0766.68081]
de Luca, Aldo; Varricchio, Stefano, On non-counting regular classes, 74-87 [Zbl 0765.68074]
Anselmo, M., Two-way automata with multiplicty, 88-102 [Zbl 0768.68096]
Kulch, Werner, \(\omega\)-continuous semirings, algebraic systems and pushdown automata, 103-110 [Zbl 0765.68073]
Geffert, Viliam, Nondeterministic computations in sublogarithmic space and space constructibility, 111-124 [Zbl 0765.68035]
Wiedermann, Juraj, Normalizing and accelerating RAM computations and the problem of reasonable space measures, 125-138 [Zbl 0766.68046]
Watanabe, Osamu, A formal study of learning via queries, 139-152 [Zbl 0765.68060]
Jain, Sanjay; Sharma, Arun, Language learning by a ”team”, 153-166 [Zbl 0766.68111]
Milner, Robin, Functions as processes, 167-180 [Zbl 0766.68036]
Jagadeesan, Radha; Panangaden, Prakash, A domain-theoretic model for a higher-order process calculus, 181-194 [Zbl 0766.68089]
Droste, Manfred, Concurrency, automata and domains, 195-208 [Zbl 0765.68100]
Hennessy, M.; Ingólfsdóttir, A., A theory of communicating processes with value-passing, 209-219 [Zbl 0765.68105]
Flajolet, Philippe; Sipala, Paolo; Steyaert, Jean-Marc, Analytic variations on the common subexpression problem, 220-234 [Zbl 0765.68048]
Cheriyan, Joseph; Hagerup, Torben; Mehlhorn, Kurt, Can a maximum flow be computed in \(o(nm)\) time?, 235-248 [Zbl 0768.90020]
Razborov, A. A., On the distributional complexity of disjointness, 249-253 [Zbl 0765.68056]
Kranakis, Evangelos; Krizanc, Danny; van den Berg, Jacob, Computing Boolean functions on anonymous networks, 254-267 [Zbl 0765.68053]
Goldreich, Oded; Krawczyk, Hugo, On the composition of zero-knowledge proof systems, 268-282 [Zbl 0766.68033]
Book, Ronald V.; Lutz, Jack H.; Tang, Shouwen, Additional queries to random and pseudorandom oracles, 283-293 [Zbl 0774.03024]
Rabinovich, A.; Trakhtenbrot, B. A., Communication among relations, 294-307 [Zbl 0765.68110]
Panangaden, Prakash; Shanbhogue, Vasant; Stark, Eugene W., Stability and sequentiality in dataflow networks, 308-321 [Zbl 0766.68090]
Alur, Rajeev; Dill, David, Automata for modeling real-time systems, 322-335 [Zbl 0765.68150]
Courcoubetis, Costas; Yannakakis, Mihalis, Markov decision processes and regular events, 336-349 [Zbl 0765.68152]
Klop, Jan Willem, Term rewriting systems: From Church-Rosser to Knuth-Bendix and beyond, 350-369 [Zbl 0765.68008]
Verma, Rakesh M.; Ramakrishnan, I. V., Nonoblivious normalization algorithms for nonlinear rewrite systems, 370-385 [Zbl 0765.68067]
Palamidessi, Catuscia, Algebraic properties of idempotent substitutions, 386-399 [Zbl 0765.68180]
Dobkin, David P.; Kirkpatrick, David G., Determining the separation of preprocessed polyhedra – A unified approach, 400-413 [Zbl 0765.68205]
Guibas, Leonidas J.; Knuth, Donald E.; Sharir, Micha, Randomized incremental construction of Delaunay and Voronoi diagrams, 414-431 [Zbl 0765.68207]
Cole, Richard; Goodrich, Michael T.; Ó Dúnlaing, Colm, Merging free trees in parallel for efficient Voronoi diagram construction, 432-445 [Zbl 0765.68203]
Johnson, David S., Local optimization and the traveling salesman problem, 446-461 [Zbl 0766.90079]
Jerrum, Mark; Sinclair, Alistair, Polynomial-time approximation algorithms for the Ising model (extended abstract), 462-475 [Zbl 0764.65091]
Savage, John E.; Wloka, Markus G., On parallelizing graph-partitioning heuristics, 476-489 [Zbl 0765.68162]
Choffrut, Christian, Iterated substitutions and locally catenative systems: A decidability result in the binary case, 490-500 [Zbl 0765.68069]
Clerbout, Mireille; Latteux, Michel; Roos, Yves, Decomposition of partial commutations, 501-511 [Zbl 0765.68070]
Pelletier, Maryse, Boolean closure and unambiguity of rational sets, 512-525 [Zbl 0765.68075]
Larsen, Kim G.; Liu, Xinxin, Compositionality through and operational semantics of contexts, 526-539 [Zbl 0765.68107]
Parrow, Joachim, Structural and behavioural equivalences of networks, 540-552 [Zbl 0765.68108]
Peled, Doron; Pnueli, Amir, Proving partial order liveness properties, 553-571 [Zbl 0765.68137]
de Boer, F. S., A proof system for the parallel object-oriented language POOL, 572-585 [Zbl 0765.68112]
Blum, Norbert, A new approach to maximum matching in general graphs, 586-597 [Zbl 0765.68044]
Di Battista, Giuseppe; Tamassia, Roberto, On-line graph algorithms with SPQR-trees, 598-611 [Zbl 0765.68024]
Pan, Victor; Reif, John, On the bit-complexity of discrete solutions of PDE’s: Compact multigrid, 612-625 [Zbl 0764.65075]
Groote, Jan Friso; Vaandrager, Frits, An efficient algorithm for branching bisimulation and stuttering equivalence, 626-638 [Zbl 0765.68125]
Jones, Neil D., Partial evaluation, self-application and types, 639-659 [Zbl 0765.68020]
Tucker, J. V.; Wainer, S. S.; Zucker, J. I., Provable computable functions on abstract data types, 660-673 [Zbl 0765.68149]
Comon, Hubert, Equational formulas in order-sorted algebras, 674-688 [Zbl 0774.68071]
Goodrich, Michael T.; Atallah, Mikhail J.; Overmars, Mark H., An input-size/output-size trade-off in the time-complexity of rectilinear hidden surface removal, 689-702 [Zbl 0765.68206]
Alt, Helmut; Blömer, Johannes; Godau, Michael; Wagener, Hubert, Approximation of convex polygons, 703-716 [Zbl 0765.68201]
Hoffmann, Frank, On the rectilinear art gallery problem, 717-728 [Zbl 0765.68208]
Matias, Yossi; Vishkin, Uzi, On parallel hashing and integer sorting, 729-743 [Zbl 0765.68040]
Ragde, Prabhakar, The parallel simplicity of compaction and chaining, 744-751 [Zbl 0766.68051]
Moller, Faron, The importance of the left merge operator in process algebra, 752-764 [Zbl 0774.68039]
Prasad, Sanjiva; Giacalone, Alessandro; Mishra, Prateek, Operational and algebraic semantics for facile: A symmetric integration of concurrent and functional programming, 765-780 [Zbl 0765.68109]

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