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Partial differential equations with minimal smoothness and applications. Proceedings of an IMA Participating Institutions (PI) conference, held Chicago, IL, USA, March 21-25, 1990. (English) Zbl 0762.00004
The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications. 42. New York etc.: Springer-Verlag. xiv, 220 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Adams, David R., Weakly elliptic systems with obstacle constraints. I: A 2 \(\times\) 2 model problem, 1-14 [Zbl 0852.35054]
Ancona, A.; Taylor, J. C., Some remarks on Widder’s theorem and uniqueness of isolated singularities for parabolic equations, 15-23 [Zbl 0816.35044]
Ash, J. Marshall; Cohen, Jonathan; Freiling, Chris; Gatto, A. E.; Rinne, Dan, Generalized derivatives, 25-32 [Zbl 0819.35034]
Avilés, Patricio; Manfredi, Juan J., On null sets of \(P\)-harmonic measures, 33-36 [Zbl 0785.31007]
Bañuelos, Rodrigo, Lifetime and heat kernel estimates in non-smooth domains, 37-48 [Zbl 0797.60069]
Barcelo, Tomeu, On the Poisson kernel for nondivergence elliptic equations with continuous coefficients, 49-88 [Zbl 0822.35037]
Bishop, Christopher J., Some questions concerning harmonic measure, 89-97 [Zbl 0792.30005]
Brown, Russell M., The trace of the heat kernel in domains with nonsmooth boundaries, 99-104 [Zbl 0805.35083]
Brown, Russell M.; Shen, Zhongwei, A note on \(L^ p\) estimates for parabolic systems in Lipschitz cylinders, 105-109 [Zbl 0839.35053]
Davis, Burgess, Intrinsic ultracontractivity and probability, 111-114 [Zbl 0787.60094]
Escauriaza, Luis, Uniqueness in the Dirichlet problem for time independent elliptic operators, 115-127 [Zbl 0802.35033]
Fabes, Eugene; Sand, Mark; Seo, Jin Keun, The spectral radius of the classical layer potentials on convex domains, 129-137 [Zbl 0820.35025]
Garofalo, Nicola, Unique continuation for degenerate elliptic equations, 139-148 [Zbl 0813.35021]
Jerison, David, Sharp estimates for harmonic measure in convex domains, 149-162 [Zbl 0796.31001]
Kaper, Hans G.; Kwong, Man Kam; Li, Yi, On the positive solutions of the free-boundary problem for Emden-Fowler type equations, 163-172 [Zbl 0790.35116]
Lewis, John L.; Murray, Margaret, Absolute continuity of parabolic measure, 173-188 [Zbl 0821.35059]
Moore, Charles N., Some inequalities for the density of the area integral, 189-198 [Zbl 0860.42016]
Vega, Luis, Restriction theorems and the Schrödinger multiplier on the torus, 199-211 [Zbl 0791.42011]
Wahlbin, Lars B., Numerical analysis on non-smooth problems: Some examples, 213-220 [Zbl 0784.65074]

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