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Differential geometry and its applications. Proceedings of a colloquium, held in Eger, Hungary, August 20-25, 1989, organized by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society. (English) Zbl 0764.00002
Colloquia Mathematica Societatis János Bolyai. 56. Amsterdam: North- Holland Publishing Company. Budapest: János Bolyai Mathematical Society. 727 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Alekseevsky, D. V., Riemannian manifolds of cohomogeneity one, 9-22 [Zbl 0795.53044]
Anastasiei, M., Cross-section submanifolds in vector bundles, 23-31 [Zbl 0790.53026]
Asada, A., Characteristic classes of loop group bundles and generalized string classes, 33-66 [Zbl 0806.57014]
Atanasiu, Gh., Eisenhart’s problem on the cotangent bundle, 67-73 [Zbl 0790.53024]
Atanasiu, Gh.; Klepp, F. C., Metrical almost product structures on the cotangent bundle, 75-86 [Zbl 0790.53034]
Beem, J. K., Pseudoconvexity in Lorentzian geometry, 87-91 [Zbl 0791.53063]
Bejan, C. L., The Bochner curvature tensor on a hyperbolic Kähler manifold, 93-99 [Zbl 0788.53064]
Bejancu, A., Generalized gauge theories, 101-126 [Zbl 0798.53028]
Blažić, N., Geodesic balls and Chern numbers of Kähler manifolds, 127-135 [Zbl 0788.53065]
Bokan, Neda, Curvature invariants and applications, 137-154 [Zbl 0789.53038]
Čomić, I., Adapted basis in \(D\) recurrent Lagrange space, 155-170 [Zbl 0787.53020]
Cordero, L. A.; Dodson, C. T. J.; Parker, P. E., Examples of spaces of connections and universal connections, 171-176 [Zbl 0786.53016]
Crumeyrolle, A., Supergravity, supersymmetry: A geometric unitary spinor theory, 177-199 [Zbl 0789.53051]
Dekrét, A., Connections deduced from mechanical system of second order, 201-213 [Zbl 0789.53016]
Di Terlizzi, L.; Konderak, J. J., On some construction of harmonic maps between pseudo-Riemannian manifolds, 215-222 [Zbl 0786.53043]
Efremovich, V. A.; Gorelik, E. M., Metric fibrations of Lobachevsky-Bolyai space, 223-230 [Zbl 0793.53031]
Ferraris, M.; Francaviglia, M.; Gatto, L., Reducibility of \(G\)-invariant linear connections in principal \(G\)- bundles, 231-252 [Zbl 0806.53026]
Fomenko, V. T., Some properties of surfaces with zero normal torsion in Euclidean space, 253-262 [Zbl 0788.53015]
Formella, S., Projective structures in Sinyukov manifolds, 263-271 [Zbl 0795.53018]
Gancarcewicz, J.; Rahmani, N., Horizontal lift of linear connections to vector bundles associated with the principal bundle of linear frames, 273-284 [Zbl 0793.53017]
Gilkey, P. B., Functoriality and heat equation asymptotics, 285-315 [Zbl 0790.58042]
Goldberg, V. V., Rank problems for webs \(W(d,2,r)\), 317-357 [Zbl 0789.53008]
Gollek, H., Bäcklund transformations, matrix-Riccati systems and isometric immersions of space forms into space forms, 359-385 [Zbl 0798.53057]
Grabowski, J., Abstract Poisson structures and star-products, 387-394 [Zbl 0791.58039]
Hangan, Th., On the harmonic rank of a Riemannian structure, 395-402 [Zbl 0797.53011]
Kawaguchi, H., On a concept of \(P\)-reducibility in Finsler spaces, 403-409 [Zbl 0789.53014]
Kawaguchi, T., Finslerian approach to Lagrange mechanics, 411-415 [Zbl 0789.53013]
Kirkovits, M. Sz., On quasi-equivalence of two variational problems in Hamilton spaces, 417-433 [Zbl 0791.53029]
Kolář, I., Some gauge-natural operators on connections, 435-445 [Zbl 0806.53025]
Kovács, Z., Pseudoconnections on an almost complex manifold, 447-456 [Zbl 0806.53031]
Kozma, L., On osculation of homogeneous connections, 457-468 [Zbl 0794.53016]
Markvorsen, S., On hypersurfaces in hyperquadrics, 469-479 [Zbl 0789.53037]
Michor, P. W., All unitary representations admit moment mappings, 477-489 [Zbl 0795.22006]
Mikeš, Josef; Berezovski, V., Geodesic mappings of affine-connected spaces onto Riemannian spaces, 491-494 [Zbl 0792.53012]
Miron, R., On the generalized Hamilton spaces, 495-507 [Zbl 0804.53033]
Molnár, E., On isometries of space forms, 509-534 [Zbl 0789.53027]
Moussong, G., Some non-symmetric manifolds, 535-546 [Zbl 0795.53038]
Nadj, D. F., The Bianchi identities and curvature tensors of Otsuki spaces, 547-554 [Zbl 0793.53018]
Nikčević, S., On the decomposition of curvature tensor fields on Hermitian manifolds, 555-568 [Zbl 0797.53017]
Nölker, S., Isometric immersion with homothetical Gauss map, 569-572 [Zbl 0786.53003]
Okumura, M., Codimension reduction problem for real submanifold of complex projective space, 573-585 [Zbl 0789.53035]
Olmos, C., On the holonomy group of the normal connection, 587-595 [Zbl 0799.53059]
Onishchik, A. L., The group of isometries of a compact Riemannian homogeneous space, 597-616 [Zbl 0789.53032]
Prvanović, M., A quasi-umbilical hypersurface of a conformally recurrent space, 617-628 [Zbl 0789.53012]
Puta, M., The reconstruction problem at prequantic level, 629-636 [Zbl 0789.58042]
Szenthe, J., On the fixed point set of an isometry, 637-647 [Zbl 0797.53038]
Szilasi, J., On Finsler connections, 649-661 [Zbl 0804.53030]
Tamássy, L.; Binh, T. Q., On weakly symmetric and weakly projective symmetric Riemannian manifolds, 663-670 [Zbl 0791.53021]
Vaisman, I., Secondary characteristic classes: A survey, 671-689 [Zbl 0804.57015]
Verhóczki, L., Isoparametric submanifolds of general Riemannian manifolds, 691-705 [Zbl 0791.53024]
Wegner, Bernd, Some remarks on parallel immersions, 707-717 [Zbl 0786.53004]
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