Extracting human expertise for constructing knowledge spaces: An algorithm. (English) Zbl 0768.92029

Summary: In a theory for efficient knowledge assessment, a particular domain of knowledge is conceptualized as a set of problems in this domain and a person’s knowledge state as the subset of problems this person is capable of solving. A system of such states that is closed under union is called a knowledge space. In determining the knowledge of students in a particular domain, the assessment procedures use such a knowledge space as their theoretical model of the collection of feasible knowledge states. Therefore, the actual construction of knowledge spaces for particular domains is a critical problem.
A method is presented in which experts in the field are confronted with a carefully chosen sequence of questions about specific relationships between the problems of the domain. Since this method relies only on the mathematical properties of closure systems, the questioning procedure is directly applicable in other contexts, viz., in the determination of any system of sets that is closed under either union or intersection.


91E99 Mathematical psychology
68T30 Knowledge representation
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