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Indice de Morse des applications \(p\)-harmoniques. (Morse index of \(p\)- harmonic maps). (French) Zbl 0769.58011
Summary: We investigate estimates and the calculation of the Morse index of \(p\)- harmonic maps with \(p \in ]2,+\infty[\). More particularly, we deal with the identity map and maps from or to spheres. Our work extends results obtained for harmonic maps (case \(p = 2\)) by the first author in Compos. Math. (to appear) and Applications harmoniques de la sphère dans les variétés riemanniennes (preprint)] and by R. T. Smith in Proc. Am. Math. Soc. 47, No. 1, 229-236 (1975; Zbl 0303.58008).
Reviewer: Reviewer (Berlin)

58E20 Harmonic maps, etc.
31C12 Potential theory on Riemannian manifolds and other spaces
58J20 Index theory and related fixed-point theorems on manifolds