Iterative methods in linear algebra. Proceedings of the IMACS international symposium, Brussels, Belgium, 2-4 April, 1991. (English) Zbl 0778.00018

Amsterdam: North-Holland. xiii, 636 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Axelsson, O.; Vassilevski, P. S., Construction of variable-step preconditioners for inner-outer iteration methods, 1-14 [Zbl 0785.65018]
Chatelin, Françoise; Frayssé, Valérie, Elements of a condition theory for the computational analysis of algorithms, 15-25 [Zbl 0785.65058]
Kincaid, David R.; Young, David M., Stationary second-degree iterative methods and recurrences, 27-47 [Zbl 0785.65033]
van der Sluis, A., The convergence behaviour of conjugate gradients and Ritz values in various circumstances, 49-66 [Zbl 0785.65040]
van der Vorst, H. A., Conjugate gradient type methods for nonsymmetric linear systems, 67-76 [Zbl 0785.65042]
Noronha, W. P.; Wachspress, E. L., Consistent sparse factorization, 77-81 [Zbl 0785.65103]
Knyazev, Andrej V., Iterative solution of PDE with strongly varying coefficients: Algebraic version, 85-89 [Zbl 0785.65098]
Wang, Junping, Convergence analysis of Schwarz algorithm and multilevel decomposition iterative methods. I: Selfadjoint and positive definite elliptic problems, 93-110 [Zbl 0785.65115]
Coutinho, Alvaro L. G. A.; Alves, José L. D.; Ebecken, Nelson F. F., Two-level preconditioners for hierarchical finite element equations and their applications in solid mechanics, 111-119 [Zbl 0786.73071]
Coevoet, Marc, Nested iteration for fractal images using the associated Markov process, 121-130 [Zbl 0788.58036]
Bonhoure, François; Dallery, Yves; Stewart, William J., On the numerical solution of Markov chains with periodic graphs, 131-140 [Zbl 0785.65129]
Mitrani, Isi; Mitra, Debasis, A spectral expansion method for random walks on semi-infinite strips, 141-149 [Zbl 0785.65131]
Vuik, C., A comparison of some GMRES-like methods, 155-162 [Zbl 0785.65043]
Gellrich, Carsten, Generalized CG-methods with scaling for solving linear systems with M- matrices, 163-172 [Zbl 0785.65029]
van der Ploeg, Auke, Preconditioning techniques for large sparse, non symmetric matrices with arbitrary sparsity patterns, 173-179 [Zbl 0785.65036]
Deville, M. O.; Mund, E. H., Finite element preconditioning of collocation schemes for advection- diffusion equations, 181-189 [Zbl 0785.65107]
Maday, Y.; Muñoz, R.; Patera, A.; Rønquist, E., Spectral element multigrid methods, 191-201 [Zbl 0785.65111]
Heinrichs, W., Finite element versus finite difference preconditioning for spectral multigrid methods, 203-207 [Zbl 0785.65110]
Bertoluzza, S.; Funaro, D., Remarks about the matrices relative to the pseudospectral approximation of Neumann problems, 209-215 [Zbl 0785.65087]
Hodel, A. Scottedward, Recent applications of the Lyapunov equation in control theory, 217-227 [Zbl 0785.65054]
Wachspress, Eugene L., ADI iterative solution of Lyapunov equations, 229-231 [Zbl 0785.65057]
Starke, Gerhard, SOR-like methods for Lyapunov matrix equations, 233-240 [Zbl 0785.65056]
Evans, David J.; Li, Changjun, The alternating group explicit (AGE) iterative method and its parallel implementation, 243-250 [Zbl 0785.65027]
Bar-On, Ilan, New divide and conquer parallel algorithms for the Cholesky decomposition and Gram-Schmidt process, 251-262 [Zbl 0785.65013]
Griebel, Michael; Schneider, Michael; Zenger, Christoph, A combination technique for the solution of sparse grid problems, 263-281 [Zbl 0785.65101]
Weiss, Rüdiger; Schönauer, Willi, Accelerating generalized conjugate gradient methods by smoothing, 283-292 [Zbl 0785.65045]
Bungartz, Hans-Joachim, An adaptive Poisson solver using hierarchical bases and sparse grids, 293-310 [Zbl 0785.65109]
Cook, Rod, A reformulation of preconditioned conjugate gradients suitable for a local memory multi-processor, 313-322 [Zbl 0785.65019]
Ramdas, Malathi; Kincaid, David R., Parallelizing ITPACKV 2D for the CRAY Y-MP, 323-337 [Zbl 0785.65038]
Daoudi, E. M.; Manneback, P., Implementation of ICCG algorithm on distributed memory architecture, 339-347 [Zbl 0785.65020]
Fujino, Seiji; Doi, Shun, Optimizing multicolor ICCG methods on some vectorcomputers, 349-358 [Zbl 0785.65028]
Jagels, Carl; Reichel, Lothar, The isometric Arnoldi process and an application to iterative solution of large linear systems, 361-369 [Zbl 0785.65032]
Gutknecht, Martin H., On certain types of \((k,l)\)-step methods for solving linear systems of equations, 373-380 [Zbl 0786.65026]
Haegemans, A.; Verbeke, J., The GAOR-method in the complex case, 381-390 [Zbl 0785.65030]
Elsner, Ludwig; Mehrmann, Volker, Convergence of block iterative methods for matrices arising in fluid flow computations, 391-394 [Zbl 0785.65023]
Legua, M.; Jódar, L.; Law, A. G., Existence of numerical solutions for singular partial differential systems, 395-400 [Zbl 0785.65095]
Van Huffel, Sabine, Iterative methods for solving total least squares problems, 403-413 [Zbl 0785.65051]
Ahues, Mario; Largillier, Alain, Rayleigh-Schrödinger series versus inexact Newton methods for spectral computations, 415-422 [Zbl 0785.65059]
Sternecker, Peter; Gross, Lutz; Schönauer, Willi, A polyalgorithm for the solution of large symmetric general eigenproblems, 423-432 [Zbl 0785.65048]
Znojil, Miloslav, Acceleration of convergence of the Hill-determinant calculations, 433-440 [Zbl 0785.65123]
Walter, Artur, Sparse secant methods for the iterative solution of large nonsymmetric linear systems, 449-458 [Zbl 0785.65044]
Rusch, J. J., Using a complex version of GMRES for solving optical scattering problems, 459-468 [Zbl 0785.65122]
Evans, David J.; Li, Changjun, A note on working with reduced linear system, 469-474 [Zbl 0785.65026]
Despres, Bruno; Joly, Patrick; Roberts, Jean E., A domain decomposition method for the harmonic Maxwell equations, 475-484 [Zbl 0785.65117]
Hennart, J. P., A mixed-hybrid finite element formulation of fast nodal elliptic solvers, 485-492 [Zbl 0785.65102]
Fuhrmann, J.; Gärtner, K., Incomplete factorization and linear multigrid algorithms for the semiconductor device equations, 493-503 [Zbl 0785.65119]
Reusken, Arnold, Multigrid applied to two-dimensional exponential fitting for drift- diffusion models, 505-514 [Zbl 0785.65112]
Magolu, M. M., Sparse block approximate factorizations for singular problems, 519-529 [Zbl 0785.65034]
Wathen, A. J., Singular element preconditioning for the finite element method, 531-540 [Zbl 0785.65106]
Sander, Sergej A., Domain decomposition and rational approximation problems, 541-549 [Zbl 0785.65113]
Notay, Y., Upper eigenvalue bounds and related modified incomplete factorization strategies, 551-562 [Zbl 0785.65035]
Huckle, Thomas, Circulant/skewcirculant matrices as preconditioners for Hermitian Toeplitz systems, 563-574 [Zbl 0785.65031]
Shlafman, Shlomo; Efrat, Ilan, Using Korn’s inequality for an efficient iterative solution of structural analysis problems, 575-581 [Zbl 0785.65039]
Eijkhout, Victor, Beware of unperturbed modified incomplete factorizations, 583-591 [Zbl 0785.65022]
Ramage, Alison, Eigenvalue clustering and conjugate gradient convergence for elliptic partial differential equations, 593-601 [Zbl 0785.65037]
D’Azevedo, E. F.; Forsyth, P. A.; Tang, Wei-Pai, Two variants of minimum discarded fill ordering, 603-612 [Zbl 0785.65021]
Krieger, Udo R.; Sczittnick, Michael, Application of numerical solution methods for singular systems in the field of computational probability theory, 613-626 [Zbl 0785.65130]
Queck, Werner, FEMGPL – A software package for solving elliptic boundary value problems on personal computers, 627-633 [Zbl 0785.65104]


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