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Numerical methods for fluid dynamics 4. Proceedings of the conference held at Reading University, United Kingdom, April 1992. (English) Zbl 0787.00028
Oxford: Clarendon Press. xviii, 604 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Morton, K. W., Node-cell mappings for the cell vertex method, 1-18 [Zbl 0811.76062]
Catherall, D., Solution adaptivity with structured grids, 19-37 [Zbl 0808.76082]
Palmerio, Bernadette, Mesh adaption for compressible flows, 39-54 [Zbl 0800.76377]
Farmer, C. L., Grid generation as a discrete optimisation problem, 55-67 [Zbl 0811.76071]
Tadmor, Eitan, Super-viscosity and spectral approximations of nonlinear conservation laws, 69-81 [Zbl 0805.76057]
Roe, P. L., Waves in discrete fluids, 83-96 [Zbl 0820.76070]
Hickmott, S.; Hutton, A. G.; Rabbitt, M.; Smith, R. M., Practical flow simulation employing high order accuracy, implicit, finite element based algorithms, 97-113 [Zbl 0807.76036]
Fornberg, Bengt, Computing steady incompressible flows past blunt bodies – A historical overview, 115-133 [Zbl 0802.76066]
Yee, H. C.; Sweby, P. K.; Lafon, A., Basins of attraction and the time-dependent approach to obtaining steady- state numerical solutions, 135-162 [Zbl 0801.76064]
Pandolfi, Maurizio, Physical and numerical aspects of non-equilibrium flows, 163-173 [Zbl 0803.76069]
LeVeque, Randall J., Simplified multi-dimensional flux limiter methods, 175-190 [Zbl 0801.76069]
Gustafsson, Bertil; Lötstedt, Per, Convergence acceleration for first order systems, 191-206 [Zbl 0811.76072]
Koren, Barry; Lallemand, Marie-Hélène, Iterative defect correction and multigrid accelerated explicit time stepping for the steady Euler equations, 207-220 [Zbl 0815.76066]
Peraire, J.; Vahdati, M.; Peiró, J.; Morgan, K., The construction and behaviour of some unstructured grid algorithms for compressible flows, 221-239 [Zbl 0801.76047]
Sonar, Th.; Hannemann, V.; Friedrich, O., Adaptive concepts for the resolution of compressible flow by upwind finite volume methods, 241-247 [Zbl 0808.76076]
Göhner, Uli; Warnecke, Gerald; Wendland, Wolfgang L., Adaptive finite elements for transonic flows, 249-255 [Zbl 0801.76044]
Dervieux, Alain; Fézoui, Loula; Leclercq, Marie-Pierre; Stoufflet, Bruno, A general upwind formulation for compressible flows on multi-element meshes, 257-264 [Zbl 0809.76046]
Edwards, Michael G., A dynamically adaptive Godunov scheme for reservoir simulation on large aspect ratio grids, 265-273 [Zbl 0801.76052]
Trompert, Ron, Local uniform mesh refinement and brine transport in porous media, 275-284 [Zbl 0802.76051]
Lerat, A.; Wu, Z. N., A subdomain matching condition for implicit Euler solvers, 285-292 [Zbl 0802.76046]
Arina, R.; Tarditi, S., Orthogonal block structured surface grids, 293-300 [Zbl 0811.76070]
Saunders, Bonita V., Boundary fitted grid generation using tensor product \(B\)-splines, 309-315 [Zbl 0800.76372]
Warren, Gary P.; Anderson, W. Kyle; Thomas, James L.; Krist, Sherrie L., Grid convergence for adaptive methods, 317-328 [Zbl 0801.76076]
Veldman, A. E. P.; Botta, E. F. F., Grid quality: an interplay of grid and solver, 329-335 [Zbl 0802.76052]
Falle, S. A. E. G.; Giddings, J. R., Body capturing using adaptive Cartesian grids, 337-343 [Zbl 0800.76371]
Bassi, F.; Rebay, S.; Savini, M., A high resolution discontinuous Galerkin method for hyperbolic problems on unstructured grids, 345-354 [Zbl 0808.76043]
Richter, R.; Leyland, P., Shock capturing using auto-adaptive finite elements, 355-364 [Zbl 0802.76045]
Lacombe, G.; Lerat, A., On the steady-state accuracy of an implicit Navier-Stokes solver of Lax- Wendroff type, 365-373 [Zbl 0816.76058]
Toro, E. F., Riemann solvers: Linearizations and adaption, 375-383 [Zbl 0801.76062]
Ramage, Alison; Wathen, Andrew J., Iterative solution techniques for the Lagrange-Galerkin method, 401-407 [Zbl 0802.76044]
Süli, E.; Ware, A., The spectral Lagrange-Galerkin method for the Navier-Stokes equations, 409-416 [Zbl 0804.76067]
De Vuyst, Florian, A new implicit second order scheme based on a kinetic interpretation for solving the Euler equations, 425-433 [Zbl 0802.76056]
Mawson, Mark H., A solution method for the shallow water quasi-equilibrium equations on the sphere, 435-441 [Zbl 0800.76264]
Blazek, J.; Kroll, N.; Rossow, C. C., A comparison of several implicit smoothing methods, 451-460 [Zbl 0802.76055]
Tattersall, P.; McGuirk, J., Numerical diffusion estimates as input for grid adaptation, 461-472 [Zbl 0800.76315]
Zingg, David W.; Lomax, Harvard, On the eigensystems associated with numerical boundary schemes for hyperbolic equations, 473-481 [Zbl 0802.76053]
Engel, K.; Faden, M.; Pokorny, S., Implementation of non-reflecting boundary conditions in an unsteady flow simulation system, 483-490 [Zbl 0800.76281]
Renaut, Rosemary A., Absorbing boundary conditions for acoustic and elastic waves, 491-497 [Zbl 0802.76049]
Childs, P. N.; Shaw, J. A., Generation and analysis of hybrid structured/unstructured grids, 499-507 [Zbl 0800.76373]
Mensink, C.; Deconinck, H., A \(2D\) multiblock method for viscous and inviscid flow computations, 509-515 [Zbl 0794.76072]
Mackenzie, J. A.; Mayers, D. F.; Mayfield, A. J., Error estimates for adaptive cell vertex finite volume algorithms, 517-523 [Zbl 0803.76064]
Hegerl, Gabriele C.; Sachs, Albert, Energy-reducing boundary conditions for the simulation of compressible viscous flows in domains with moving boundaries, 525-531 [Zbl 0802.76042]
Dick, Erik; Riemslagh, Kris, Multi-stage Jacobi relaxation as smoother in a multigrid method for steady Euler equations, 533-539 [Zbl 0801.76065]
Onslow, S. H.; Albone, C. M., Multigrid convergence acceleration of an upwind Euler algorithm on multiply-embedded meshes, 541-549 [Zbl 0800.76300]
Wang, Lixia; Caughey, David A., Implicit multigrid algorithm for Euler equations on block-structured grids with discontinuous interfaces, 551-557 [Zbl 0800.76332]
Rudgyard, Michael, A comparison of multidimensional upwinding for cell vertex schemes on triangular meshes, 559-565 [Zbl 0801.76059]
Jimack, P. K., A new approach to finite element error control for time-dependent problems, 567-573 [Zbl 0801.76045]
Hoffren, Jaakko; Siikonen, Timo, Time-accurate calculations with an implicit Euler/Navier-Stokes solver, 575-581 [Zbl 0799.76061]
Qin, N.; Xu, X.; Richards, B. E., SFDN-\(\alpha\)-GMRES and SQN-\(\alpha\)-GMRES methods for fast high resolution \(N\)-\(S\) simulations, 583-592 [Zbl 0802.76048]
Peace, A. J., Towards a cell-vertex multi-grid Navier-Stokes algorithm for three- dimensional structured/unstructured meshes, 593-604 [Zbl 0799.76046]

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