Mixed mode cracking in layered materials. (English) Zbl 0790.73056

The aim is to pull together recent work on the fracture of layered materials. The potential application of fracture mechanics of layered materials ranges over a broad spectrum of problem areas. Included are: protective coatings, multilayer capacitors, thin film/substrate systems for electronic packages, layered structural composites of many varieties, reaction product layers, and adhesive joints. Attention is confined in this paper to elastic fracture phenomena in which the extent of the inelastic process is small compared with the relevant geometric length scales, such as layer thickness.
Section 1 is an introduction to the paper. Section 2 presents the theory of mixed mode interfacial fracture underlying many of the applications. Section 3 catalogues a number of basic elasticity solutions for layered systems referred to throughout the paper. The remaining five sections can be read, for the most part, independently. These are entitled: (4) Laminate fracture test; (5) Cracking of pre-tensioned films; (6) Buckle- driven delamination of thin films; (7) Blister tests; (8) Failure modes of brittle adhesive joints and sandwich layers.
Structural reliability of multilayers is a fast growing field. An article written at this point is most likely transitory work, although the author or the authors usually try to put various aspects into perspective, and they believe some of them are of permanent nature. In the present paper, like most review articles of this kind, subject matter with various degrees of novelty that has not been published previously is incorporated. Some fill gaps, others are ready extensions, and still others are simply speculations. The author has urged the practitioners in the related disciplines to use the article critically, so that the results can be validated, expanded, or modified. A more consolidated version of the article could then emerge on a later occasion.


74R99 Fracture and damage
74E30 Composite and mixture properties
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