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Domain decomposition methods in scientific and engineering computing. Proceedings of the 7th international conference on domain decomposition, October 27-30, 1993, Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA. (English) Zbl 0809.00026
Contemporary Mathematics. 180. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). xxvii, 546 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Bornemann, Folkmar A., Interpolation spaces and optimal multilevel preconditioners, 3-8 [Zbl 0818.65107]
Brenner, Susanne C., Two-level additive Schwarz preconditioners for nonconforming finite elements, 9-14 [Zbl 0817.65107]
Bungartz, H.-J.; Griebel, M.; Röschke, D.; Zenger, C., Two proofs of convergence for the combination technique for the efficient solution of sparse grid problems, 15-20 [Zbl 0817.65085]
Cai, Xiao-Chuan; Dryja, Maksymilian, Domain decomposition methods for monotone nonlinear elliptic problems, 21-27 [Zbl 0817.65127]
Deuflhard, Peter, Cascadic conjugate gradient methods for elliptic partial differential equations: Algorithm and numerical results, 29-42 [Zbl 0817.65090]
Dryja, Maksymilian, Multilevel methods for elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficients in three dimensions, 43-47 [Zbl 0817.65108]
Kornhuber, Ralf; Yserentant, Harry, Multilevel methods for elliptic problems on domains not resolved by the coarse grid, 49-60 [Zbl 0817.65109]
Le Tallec, P.; Sassi, T.; Vidrascu, M., Three-dimensional domain decomposition methods with nonmatching grids and unstructured coarse solvers, 61-74 [Zbl 0817.65110]
Nepomnyashchikh, S. V., Domain decomposition for elliptic problems with large condition numbers, 75-85 [Zbl 0817.65111]
Oswald, P., Stable subspace splittings for Sobolev spaces and domain decomposition algorithms, 87-98 [Zbl 0817.65112]
Pavarino, Luca F., A wire basket based method for spectral elements in three dimensions, 99-104 [Zbl 0829.65125]
Pothen, Alex, An analysis of spectral graph partitioning via quadratic assignment problems, 105-110 [Zbl 0830.68103]
Rüde, U., Error estimators based on stable splittings, 111-118 [Zbl 0817.65113]
Sarkis, Marcus, Multilevel methods for \(P_ 1\) nonconforming finite elements and discontinuous coefficients in three dimensions, 119-124 [Zbl 0817.65114]
Tan, K. H.; Borsboom, M. J. A., On generalized Schwarz coupling applied to advection-dominated problems, 125-130 [Zbl 0817.65076]
Widlund, Olof B., Exotic coarse spaces for Schwarz methods for lower order and spectral finite elements, 131-136 [Zbl 0826.41010]
Ashby, S. F.; Kelley, C. T.; Saylor, P. E.; Scroggs, J. S., Preconditioning via asymptotically-defined domain decomposition, 139-150 [Zbl 0817.65064]
Azaiez, M.; Quarteroni, A., A spectral Stokes solver in domain decomposition methods, 151-156 [Zbl 0815.35082]
Bakhvalov, Nikolai S.; Knyazev, Andrew V., Preconditioned iterative methods in a subspace for linear algebraic equations with large jumps in the coefficients, 157-162 [Zbl 0817.65026]
Bank, Randolph E.; Xu, Jinchao, The hierarchical basis multigrid method and incomplete LU decomposition, 163-173 [Zbl 0817.65103]
Chan, Tony F.; Smith, Barry F., Domain decomposition and multigrid algorithms for elliptic problems on unstructured meshes, 175-189 [Zbl 0818.65115]
Dawson, Clint N.; Wheeler, Mary F., Two-grid methods for mixed finite element approximations of nonlinear parabolic equations, 191-203 [Zbl 0817.65080]
Giraud, Luc; Tuminaro, Ray S., Domain decomposition algorithms for PDE problems with large scale variations, 205-210 [Zbl 0818.65127]
Glowinski, Roland; Pan, Tsorng-Whay; Périaux, Jacques, A one shot domain decomposition/fictitious domain method for the Navier- Stokes equations, 211-222 [Zbl 0826.76063]
Griebel, M., Domain-oriented multilevel methods, 223-229 [Zbl 0817.65115]
Holst, Michael; Saied, Faisal, Multigrid and domain decomposition methods for electrostatics problems, 231-238 [Zbl 0817.65138]
Katzer, Edgar, A parallel subspace decomposition method for hyperbolic equations, 239-244 [Zbl 0817.65081]
Kim, Seongjai, Numerical treatments for the Helmholtz problem by domain decomposition techniques, 245-250 [Zbl 0817.65104]
Kuznetsov, Yu. A.; Neittaanmäki, P.; Tarvainen, P., Schwarz methods for obstacle problems with convection-diffusion operators, 251-256 [Zbl 0817.65052]
Lai, C.-H., On domain decomposition and shooting methods for two-point boundary value problems, 257-263 [Zbl 0817.65066]
Layton, W.; Maubach, J.; Rabier, P., Robust methods for highly nonsymmetric problems, 265-270 [Zbl 0817.65116]
Lybeck, Nancy J.; Bowers, Kenneth L., Domain decomposition via the Sinc-Galerkin method for second order differential equations, 271-276 [Zbl 0817.65065]
Mejzlík, Petr, A bisection method to find all solutions of a system of nonlinear equations, 277-282 [Zbl 0817.65036]
Mishev, Ilya D., Preconditioning cell-centered finite difference equations on grids with local refinement, 283-288 [Zbl 0817.65086]
Nataf, Frédéric; Rogier, François, Outflow boundary conditions and domain decomposition method, 289-293 [Zbl 0817.65077]
Oden, J. Tinsley; Patra, Abani; Feng, Yusheng, Domain decompositon for adaptive \(hp\) finite element methods, 295-301 [Zbl 0819.41008]
Pernice, Michael, Domain decomposed preconditioners with Krylov subspace methods as subdomain solvers, 303-309 [Zbl 0817.65117]
Scott, L. Ridgway, Elliptic preconditioners using fast summation techniques, 311-323 [Zbl 0817.65105]
Shao, Jian Ping, The modified vertex space domain decomposition method for Neumann boundary value problems, 325-336 [Zbl 0818.65116]
Shih, Tsi-min; Liem, Chin-bo; Lu, Tao; Zhou, Aihui, A multi-color splitting method and convergence analysis for local grid refinement, 337-342 [Zbl 0817.65118]
Steinbach, Olaf, Boundary elements in domain decomposition methods, 343-348 [Zbl 0817.65119]
Sun, Victor H.; Tang, Wei-Pai, An overdetermined Schwarz alternating method, 349-354 [Zbl 0817.65120]
Tai, Xue-Cheng, Domain decomposition for linear and nonlinear elliptic problems via function or space decomposition, 355-360 [Zbl 0817.65121]
Wang, H.; Dahle, H. K.; Ewing, R. E.; Lin, T.; Våg, J. E., ELLAM-based domain decomposition and local refinement techniques for advection-diffusion equations with interfaces, 361-366 [Zbl 0817.65078]
Bjørstad, Petter E.; Coughran, W. M. jun.; Grosse, Eric, Parallel domain decomposition applied to coupled transport equations, 369-380 [Zbl 0817.65135]
Chrisochoides, Nikos; Fox, Geoffrey; Thompson, Joe, MENUS-PGG: A mapping environment for unstructured and structured numerical parallel grid generation, 381-386 [Zbl 0822.65098]
Ciarlet, Patrick jun., A comparison of three iterative algorithms based on domain decomposition methods, 387-393 [Zbl 0817.65122]
De Sturler, E., IBLU preconditioners for massively parallel computers, 395-400 [Zbl 0818.65024]
Farhat, Charbel; Chen, Po-Shu, Tailoring domain decomposition methods for efficient parallel coarse grid solution and for systems with many right hand sides, 401-406 [Zbl 0817.65123]
Lin, Hai Xiang, Analysis and implementation of DD methods for parallel FE computations, 407-412 [Zbl 0817.65124]
Mehrabi, M. Reza; Brown, Robert A., Finite-element/Newton method for solution of nonlinear problems in transport processes using domain decomposition and nested dissection on MIMD parallel computers, 413-425 [Zbl 0817.65128]
Mu, Mo; Rice, John R., Modeling with collaborating PDE solvers: Theory and practice, 427-438 [Zbl 0817.65125]
Roux, François-Xavier; Tromeur-Dervout, Damien, Parallelization of a multigrid solver via a domain decomposition method, 439-444 [Zbl 0817.65106]
Shewchuk, Jonathan Richard; Ghattas, Omar, A compiler for parallel finite element methods with domain-decomposed unstructured meshes, 445-450 [Zbl 0817.65079]
Arina, Renzo; Canuto, Claudio, A \(\chi\)-formulation of the viscous-inviscid domain decomposition for the Euler/Navier-Stokes equations, 453-458 [Zbl 0817.76053]
Cai, Wei, Domain decomposition and computation of two-dimensional detonation waves, 459-464 [Zbl 0818.76049]
Cai, X.-C.; Gropp, W. D.; Keyes, D. E.; Tidriri, M. D., Parallel implicit methods for aerodynamics, 465-470 [Zbl 0818.76065]
Cai, Y.; Navon, I. M., Parallel domain-decomposed preconditioners in finite element shallow water flow modeling, 471-476 [Zbl 0818.76038]
Camilli, F.; Falcone, M.; Lanucara, P.; Seghini, A., A domain decomposition method for Bellman equations, 477-483 [Zbl 0817.65055]
Chefter, J. G.; Chu, C. K.; Keyes, D. E., Domain decomposition for the shallow water equations, 485-490 [Zbl 0830.76061]
Coomer, R. K.; Graham, I. G., Domain decomposition methods for device modelling, 491-496 [Zbl 0817.65136]
Hsiao, George C.; Marcozzi, Michael D.; Zhang, Shangyou, An efficient computational method for the flow past an airfoil, 497-502 [Zbl 0818.76042]
Jacobs, P. G.; Mousseau, V. A.; McHugh, P. R.; Knoll, D. A., Newton-Krylov-Schwarz techniques applied to the two-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes and energy equations, 503-507 [Zbl 0818.76068]
Ku, H. C.; Gilreath, H. E.; Raul, R.; Sommerer, J. C., Direct numerical simulation of jet flow via a multi-block technique, 509-514 [Zbl 0818.76017]
Le Tallec, Patrick; Mandel, Jan; Vidrascu, Marina, Balancing domain decomposition for plates, 515-524 [Zbl 0816.73061]
Micheletti, S.; Quarteroni, A.; Sacco, R., Nonlinear block iterative solution of semiconductor device equations by a domain decomposition method, 525-531 [Zbl 0817.65137]
Raspo, I.; Ouazzani, J.; Peyret, R., A direct Chebyshev multidomain method for flow computation with application to rotating systems, 533-538 [Zbl 0818.76070]
Vozovoi, L.; Israeli, M.; Averbuch, A., Multi-domain Fourier algorithms for parallel solution of the Navier- Stokes equations, 539-546 [Zbl 0827.76066]

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