Smalltalk-80. The language. (English) Zbl 0813.68072

Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. XVII, 585 p. (1989).
This book is a substantial revision of our original detailed account of the Smalltalk-80 system, first released in 1983. It is divided into three major parts: Part One – an overview of the concepts and syntax of the programming language. Part Two – an annotated and illustrated specification of the system’s functionality. Part Three – an example of the design and implementation of a moderate-size application.
The first part introduces the Smalltalk approach to information representation and manipulation. Five words – object, message, class, instance, and method – make up the vocabulary with which Smalltalk is discussed. These terms are defined and the syntax of the Smalltalk-80 programming language is introduced.
The second part of the book contains specifications of the kinds of objects already present in the Smalltalk-80 programming environment. New kinds of objects can be added by a programmer, but a wide variety of objects come with the standard system. The messages that can be sent to each kind of object are listed, commented upon, and illustrated.
The third part of the book is an example of adding new kinds of objects to the system. It describes the addition of an application to model discrete, event-driven simulations such as car washes, banks, or information systems. These three parts include corrections to errors that readers have pointed out. The original fourth part, a specification for a Smalltalk-80 virtual machine, has been eliminated. The wide availability of commercial implementations, sold or licensed by ParcPlace Systems, has created a declining need for inclusion of this part.


68N15 Theory of programming languages
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