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Specification and validation methods. (English) Zbl 0831.00010
International Schools for Computer Scientists. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ix, 460 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Gurevich, Yuri, Evolving algebras 1993: Lipari guide, 9-36 [Zbl 0852.68053]
Börger, Egon, Annotated bibliography on evolving algebras, 37-51 [Zbl 0844.68001]
Apt, Krzysztof R., Program verification and prolog, 55-95 [Zbl 0844.68078]
Börger, Egon; Salamone, Rosario F., CLAM specification for provably correct compilation of \(\text{CLP} ({\mathcal R})\) programs, 97-130 [Zbl 0852.68057]
Wallace, Charles, The semantics of the \(\text{C}++\) programming language, 131-164 [Zbl 0852.68013]
Manna, Zohar; Pnueli, Amir, Verification of parameterized programs, 167-230 [Zbl 0844.68079]
Börger, Egon; Gurevich, Yuri; Rosenzweig, Dean, The bakery algorithm: Yet another specification and verification, 231-243 [Zbl 0844.68080]
Huggins, James K., Kermit: Specification and verification, 247-293 [Zbl 0844.68081]
Gurevich, Yuri; Mani, Raghu, Group membership protocol: Specification and verification, 295-328 [Zbl 0852.68055]
Damm, Werner; Josko, Bernhard; Schlör, Rainer, Specification and verification of VHDL-based system-level hardware designs, 331-409 [Zbl 0844.68006]
Russinoff, David M., Specification and verification of gate-level VHDL models of synchronous and asynchronous circuits, 411-460 [Zbl 0844.68007]

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