Epidemic models: their structure and relation to data. (English) Zbl 0831.00011

Publications of the Newton Institute. 5. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. xvii, 424 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Dietz, Klaus, Some problems in the theory of infectious disease transmission and control, 3-16 [Zbl 0850.92045]
Mollison, Denis, The structure of epidemic models, 17-33 [Zbl 0850.92046]
Ball, Frank, Coupling methods in epidemic theory, 34-52 [Zbl 0838.92020]
Lefèvre, Claude; Picard, Philippe, Collective epidemic processes: A general modelling approach to the final outcome of SIR infectious diseases, 53-70 [Zbl 0839.92022]
Nåsell, Ingemar, The threshold concept in stochastic epidemic and endemic models, 71-83 [Zbl 0850.92047]
de Jong, Mart C. M.; Diekmann, Odo; Heesterbeek, Hans, How does transmission of infection depend on population size?, 84-94 [Zbl 0850.92042]
Diekmann, Odo; Heesterbeek, Hans; Metz, Hans, The legacy of Kermack and McKendrick, 95-115 [Zbl 0839.92018]
Cliff, Andrew, Incorporating spatial components into models of epidemic spread, 119-149 [Zbl 0839.92017]
Metz, J. A. J.; van den Bosch, F., Velocities of epidemic spread, 150-186 [Zbl 0843.92022]
Durrett, Richard, Spatial epidemic models, 187-201 [Zbl 0841.92024]
Daniels, Henry, A perturbation approach to nonlinear deterministic epidemic waves, 202-214 [Zbl 0842.92021]
Billard, Lynne; Dayananda, P. W. A.; Zhao, Zhen, Epidemic plant diseases: A stochastic model of leaf and stem lesion growth, 215-226 [Zbl 0840.92022]
Ellner, Stephen; Gallant, A. Ronald; Theiler, James, Detecting nonlinearity and chaos in epidemic data, 229-247 [Zbl 0839.92020]
Grenfell, Bryan; Bolker, Ben; Kleczkowski, Adam, Seasonality, demography and the dynamics of measles in developed countries, 248-268 [Zbl 0850.92044]
Levin, Simon, Grouping in population models, 271-278 [Zbl 0839.92023]
Jacquez, John; Simon, Carl; Koopman, James, Core groups and the \(R_ 0s\) for subgroups in heterogeneous SIS and SI models, 279-301 [Zbl 0839.92021]
Morris, Martina, Data driven network models for the spread of infectious disease, 302-322 [Zbl 0850.92041]
Gupta, Sunetra; Trenholme, Katharine; Cox, Martin; Anderson, Roy; Day, Karen, The effect of antigenic diversity on endemic prevalence, 323-336 [Zbl 0838.92023]
Becker, Niels, Statistical challenges of epidemic data, 339-349 [Zbl 0841.62097]
Cairns, Andrew, Primary components of epidemic models, 350-371 [Zbl 0838.92022]
Remme, Hans; Alley, Soumbey; Plaisier, Anton, Estimation and prediction in tropical disease control: The example of Onchocerciasis, 372-393 [Zbl 0850.92048]
Longini, Ira; Halloran, Elizabeth; Haber, Michael, Some current trends in estimating vaccine efficacy, 394-403 [Zbl 0840.92013]
Bailey, Norman, Operational modelling of HIV/AIDS to assist public health control, 404-415 [Zbl 0850.92043]


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