Singularities and differential equations. Proceedings of a symposium, Warsaw, Poland. (English, French) Zbl 0840.00028

Banach Center Publications. 33. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences, Inst. of Mathematics, 501 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
André, N.; Chipot, M., A remark on uniqueness for quasilinear elliptic equations, 9-18 [Zbl 0865.35047]
Brasselet, Jean-Paul; Fieseler, Karl-Heinz; Kaup, Ludger, Characterization of homology manifolds by help of intersection homology invariants, 19-22 [Zbl 0855.55005]
Bruce, J. W.; Tari, F., Implicit differential equations from the singularity theory viewpoint, 23-38 [Zbl 0853.58063]
Cholewa, Jan W.; Dłotko, Tomasz, Global solutions via partial information and the Cahn-Hilliard equation, 39-50 [Zbl 0852.35062]
Domitrz, W.; Janeczko, S., On Martinet’s singular symplectic structures, 51-59 [Zbl 0860.57026]
Egorov, Yuri V., On a linear hyperbolic equation with smooth coefficients without solutions, 61-66 [Zbl 0851.35081]
Fila, Marek; Filo, Ján, Blow-up on the boundary: A survey, 67-78 [Zbl 0858.35065]
Hajłasz, Piotr, A counterexample to the \(L^ p\)-Hodge decomposition, 79-83 [Zbl 0846.35035]
Honda, Naofumi, Regularity theorems for holonomic modules, 85-91 [Zbl 0892.32025]
Ishikawa, Goo, Transversalities for Lagrange singularities of isotropic mappings of corank one, 93-104 [Zbl 0853.58018]
Ishimura, Ryuichi; Okada, Yasunori, The micro-support of the complex defined by a convolution operator in tube domains, 105-114 [Zbl 0921.32003]
Ivochkina, Nina M., On the maximum principle for principal curvatures, 115-126 [Zbl 0864.35017]
Izumiya, Shyuichi; Kossioris, Georgios T., Formation of singularities for viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations, 127-148 [Zbl 0877.35077]
Kaneko, Akira, On the global solvability of linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients in the space of real analytic functions, 149-160 [Zbl 0851.35024]
Kazarian, Maxim È., Umbilical characteristic number of Lagrangian mappings of 3-dimensional pseudooptical manifolds, 161-170 [Zbl 0881.57030]
Künzle, Alfred F., Singular Hamiltonian systems and symplectic capacities, 171-187 [Zbl 0855.58027]
Leinartas, Eugeni, On the Cauchy problem in a class of entire functions in several variables, 189-192 [Zbl 0903.32001]
Levine, Howard A., A global existence-global nonexistence conjecture of Fujita type for a system of degenerate semilinear parabolic equations, 193-198 [Zbl 0855.35072]
Lieberman, Gary M., Study of global solutions of parabolic equations via a priori estimates. III: Equations of \(p\)-Laplacian type, 199-221 [Zbl 1075.35531]
Monteiro Fernandes, Teresa, Some functorial properties of microlocalization for \(\mathcal{D}\)-modules, 223-233 [Zbl 0901.58060]
Myasnichenko, Oleg, Singularities of wave fronts at the boundary between two media, 235-244 [Zbl 0866.35129]
Némethi, András, Variation structures: Results and open problems, 245-257 [Zbl 0855.32019]
Neto, Orlando, Systems of meromorphic microdifferential equations, 259-275 [Zbl 0856.58036]
Nguyen Si Minh; Ziemian, Bogdan, A remark on Nilsson type integrals, 277-285 [Zbl 0856.32006]
Ohmoto, Toru, Thom polynomials for open Whitney umbrellas of isotropic mappings, 287-296 [Zbl 0855.58008]
Popov, A. G., Non-Euclidean geometry and differential equations, 297-308 [Zbl 0851.35119]
Quittner, Pavol, Global existence of solutions of parabolic problems with nonlinear boundary conditions, 309-314 [Zbl 0865.35067]
Sakurai, Tsutomu, Analytic hypoellipticity and local solvability for a class of pseudo-differential operators with symplectic characteristics, 315-335 [Zbl 0864.35029]
Samokhin, Alexey V., Symmetries of control systems, 337-342 [Zbl 0930.37040]
Stanchenko, Sergey, Generic deformations of Lagrangian and Legendrian maps, 343-349 [Zbl 0853.58019]
Sternin, Boris; Shatalov, Victor, Asymptotic solutions to Fuchsian equations in several variables, 351-363 [Zbl 0858.35004]
Ströhmer, Gerhard, A remark about a Galerkin method, 365-367 [Zbl 0845.34068]
Ströhmer, Gerhard; Zajączkowski, Wojciech, Existence and stability theorems for abstract parabolic equations, and some of their applications, 369-382 [Zbl 0851.35016]
Strzelecki, Paweł, Stationary \(p\)-harmonic maps into spheres, 383-393 [Zbl 0865.35022]
Tahara, Hidetoshi, Removable singularities of solutions of nonlinear singular partial differential equations, 395-399 [Zbl 0851.35004]
Ta Lê Loi, Whitney stratification of sets definable in the structure \(\mathbb{R}_{\text{exp}}\), 401-409 [Zbl 0904.14030]
Tibăr, Mihai, A supplement to the Iomdin-Lê theorem for singularities with one-dimensional singular locus, 411-419 [Zbl 0855.32021]
Tougeron, J.-Cl., Parametrization of small paths in real analytic geometry, 421-436 [Zbl 0852.32006]
Tsuji, Mikio, Extension of solutions for Monge-Ampère equations of hyperbolic type, 437-447 [Zbl 0852.35004]
Turiel, Francisco Javier, Classification of \((1,1)\) tensor fields and bihamiltonian structures, 449-458 [Zbl 0873.53017]
Zając, Mariusz, The Milnor number of functions on singular hypersurfaces, 459-463 [Zbl 0855.32017]
Zajączkowski, Wojciech M., \(L_ \infty\)-estimate for solutions of nonlinear parabolic systems, 465-490 [Zbl 0857.35056]
Zajączkowski, Wojciech M., \(L_ \infty\)-estimates for solutions of nonlinear parabolic systems with gradient linear growth, 491-501 [Zbl 0856.35069]


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